My Cup Runneth Over

by natayja smith

Forgot to Check ?

What causes you to slip and fall and the kitchen? It is very easy to spill something in the kitchen . That is the most common thing to do . Do you clean it up right away ? For example, if you spill milk that missed your cereal bowl , and you say to yourself you are going to clean it up later. well 3 minutes later without looking carefully , you slip and fall and break your neck .

How to Prevent Falling

6 easy steps

there are easy ways to prevent falling . Just follow these 6 easy steps .

1. Clean up spills immediately

2.Never walk on a wet floor.Clear away floor clutter.

3.Use a sturdy ladder or step stool to reach high shelves

4.choose kitchen rugs with nonskid backing heavy items with easy reach .lift them with care

6.close drawers and cabinet doors after you open them