The Choate Chronicles

October News From Room 5

Ms. Choate's Notes

October is upon us and it is an extremely busy month at Barrow! Our month began with a fun field trip to the University of Georgia to extend our learning of shapes. We were able to see the Tate Center and college students working hard on their school work! It was a great experience for students to see where "big kids" go to school! October also means Barrow Field Day, Fall Book Fair, the first Kindergarten spirit event of the year, Fall Parent-Teacher Student Led Conferences, Kindergarten enrichment clusters, the school wide Storybook Parade, and Fall Break. Please make sure to check the Important Upcoming October Dates section below for the dates and specifics for these events. This includes information on field day, parent-teacher conferences, enrichment clusters, storybook parade, and more!

Fall Parent-Teacher conferences are right around the corner! Please return your scheduling forms to school as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Confirmation of your conference date and time will be sent home in Monday folders. As a reminder a portion of our conference will be led by your child. During this time they will share their learning goals with you as well as work they are particularly proud of.

Please make sure you have read the letter sent home in Monday folders last week outlining the procedures of take-home guided reading books in Room Five. Books will be on their way to your home very soon. Your children are very proud to show you the reading work they have done thus far and the books they have been practicing in class!

Parent volunteers will begin working in Room Five after Fall Parent-Teacher conferences. During conferences I will share with you times that would be particularly helpful to have support. In an effort to keep the environment of Room Five consistent for my students I will share parent volunteer guidelines at conferences if you are interested in serving within our classroom.

Next month I will add a section of our newsletter entitled, Mr. Dragon's Adventures. As a reminder, Mr. Dragon is our traveling Room Five friend. He will be visiting your home one weekend this school year. He has made his first official trip to a Room Five Buddies' home. On the Monday following Mr. Dragon's weekend adventure students will share their favorite weekend memories with the class during our Morning Meeting. Thank you for supporting this fun experience for your child by helping them be responsible with our Room Five friend. Also please help your child record some of the fun activities Mr. Dragon participated in with your family in his journal. Room Five would LOVE to see pictures of his adventures as well, please email them to me at or send them into class.

Important Upcoming October Dates

Friday 10/3
Room Five High Five Trade In Day!
Experience UGA Field Trip
We had a great time on our field trip looking for shapes at the UGA Tate Center. Besides extending our learning of 2-D & 3-D shapes it was a great opportunity for students to see part of the University of Georgia campus and college students at work studying in the Tate Center!

Wednesday 10/8
Safe Routes to School Day
Walk or bike to school!

Thursday 10/9

Fall Book Fair Opens

Barrow Fall Book Fair Info link

Friday 10/10
Barrow Field Day
Wear clothes and shoes to be active in!
Quarter 1 Incentive
Video and class snack!

Room Five will be watching Leap Frog: Phonics Farm and having pretzels.

Monday 10/13
No School

Wednesday 10/15-Friday 10/17
Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences (late night conferences on Wednesday 10/15)
Please make sure you have returned your preferred conference times form. As a reminder, school releases at 12:20 on these days. Please make sure to send in a written change of transportation note if your child's afternoon transportation will be different.

Friday 10/17

Room Five High Five Trade In Day!

Fall Book Fair Closes

Saturday 10/18
Kindergarten Spirit Event at Georgia Museum of Art from 10 a.m.-noon

Join fellow Barrow Kindergarten families for Art & Music Family Day!

Tuesday 10/21

Fall Student Picture Day Makeups

Wednesday 10/29
Kindergarten Enrichment Clusters Begin

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the school wide enrichment model by taking part in type one experiences within Kindergarten. Kindergarten cluster topics include Building, Chinese, Drawing, Mythical Creatures, and Sea Animals. Enrichment clusters are one hour weekly for fourteen weeks. Room Five will begin in our classroom learning about Mythical Creatures and create our very own creature. We will spend two weeks in our classroom and then rotate to other Kindergarten teachers to extend our learning in various topics!

Thursday 10/30
Room Five High Five Trade In Day!
Barrow Storybook Parade
This is a Barrow tradition and a school wide event. Please send your child to school dressed up as their favorite storybook character and make sure they bring the book the character is from. Costumes do not need to be elaborate, however please make sure they are school appropriate and tie to storybook characters; this is not a Halloween costume parade. Please make sure your child has a change of clothing in case they would like to change after the parade. In the morning there will be a school wide assembly where students can see all of the storybook characters students have dressed up as. Following the assembly the entire school will parade on the streets outside of Barrow school chanting "Read More Books!" I encourage you to come see our parade. The exact time of the parade is contingent upon how long our assembly takes. I will send more specific information out as I receive it.

Friday 10/31
No School- Fall Break

Kindergarten Spirit Event

Saturday, Oct. 18th 2014 at 10am-12pm

Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA, United States

Athens, GA

Join fellow Barrow Kindergarten families for Art & Music Family Day!

Happy Birthday Room Five Friends!

October 16th: Octavia
October 29th: Zariah

Curriculum Corner- What's Happening in Room Five?

Shared Reading

As a reminder, the focus of shared reading is to promote reading fluency and comprehension with the main focus being fluency. Being a fluent reader means reading smoothly, not choppy and robotic. Repeated shared readings helps to promote confidence and students love rereading books and poems we have previously introduced as these go into their Daily Five book boxes. Below is a list of links to recent shared reading poems.

Home-School Connection
Some key points to remember about practicing a shared reading passage at home: Your child should have their eyes on the text and be using their "reading finger" to track the text.
Below are links to the shared reading passages that have recently been sent home.
Shared Reading Directions
Go Away Tiger
Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?
Jan and Dan
Stan is Sad is an amazing FREE resource to promote reading fluency. These reading passages are a great resource for at-home shared reading. Simply click on "register" to create an account, then search for passages for your child to read based on keyword, grade level, lexile level, domain, text type, or skill/strategy.

Phonics & Word Sorts

In phonics we have focused on the reviewing letter sounds, learning the long and short vowel sounds, and the hard and soft sounds for c and g. We have also worked on identifying the beginning and ending consonant letter sound in words and worked with the -at, -ad, & -an word families.

Home-School Connection
Below is a Room Five favorite song for reinforcing long and short vowel sounds at home...Vowel Bat! I have also included a link to which offers FREE literacy and math resources.
2 Vowel Bat kids song by Shari Sloane www kidscount1234 com School is Cool album YouTube

Sight Words

There are 100 sight words that are taught in Kindergarten. As a reminder, we introduce four to five words a week. Below are the words we have introduced thus far in Kindergarten. Also, here is a link to all of our Kindergarten sight word lists in case you would like to work ahead at home: Sight Word Lists

Previously Introduced Sight Words
I, go, to, the
we, like, see, can
you, and, me, are
he, she, is, my, it

Home-School Connection

As previously sent home, below are some suggested nightly activities to complete with your child’s weekly sight words. Making at-home flash cards is great for reinforcement of these words. Please practice these for 5-10 minutes nightly. As your child’s list of sight words grows continue practicing words that have been previously introduced as well.

Monday: Point to the letters and name the letters in the sight word.

Tuesday: Have your child write the sight words on index cards to make at-home flashcards.

Wednesday: Find the sight words in newspapers or magazines. Have your child circle the word, use a highlighter or cut the word out and make their own list.

Thursday: Make or write a sentence or sentences using your weekly sight words.

Friday: Cheer it! We do this activity in class. Ask your child to cheer the words for you.

Interactive Read Aloud

We have been focusing on multiple comprehension strategies and learning new vocabulary words through our interactive read alouds. Room Five thoroughly loves read alouds, but in particular Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by: Kevin Henkes and I Like Myself! by: Karen Beaumont have been our favorites. In Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse we focused on the comprehension strategy of retelling the events in the story. We also learned the following tier II vocabulary: deluxe, permitted, considerate, uncooperative. In I Like Myself! we focused on the comprehension strategy of using our prior knowledge and we learned the following tier II vocabulary: tame, snout, protruding, spine.

Daily Five & CAFE

Room Five is excited!! We have fully launched all of the Daily Five components. This means that students have learned the behaviors associated with all five components and have had practice with building their stamina through independent literacy activities. We continue to practice our stamina, and Room Five is very proud of our hard work!

Daily, students are practicing the components of Read to Self, Work on Writing, and a choice round where students determine which Daily Five they would like to practice.

During Daily Five teachers conference with students on reading and writing either one-on-one or in small groups. During conferences and small group work we focus on applying a reading strategy from the CAFE menu. There are two versions of the menu and in Kindergarten we use some strategies from each menu.

Home-School Connection

Guided reading books will come home with a copy of the CAFE Menu and the highlighted strategy your child is working on during small group and/or their individual reading conference. Below are links to the Parent Pipeline which offer tips on how to reinforce the CAFE reading strategies we are currently focusing on in class at home.
Parent Pipeline- Check for Understanding
Parent Pipeline- Use Beginning and Ending Sounds

Listen to Reading is a popular choice during Daily Five. Just a reminder that the Barrow Student Launch Page offers Capstone Literacy, PebbleGo, Starfall, and Tumblebooks among other programs that can be used to listen to online storybooks. PebbleGo, an information database for primary learners, is a popular choice for Listen to Reading in Room Five! The launch page is available on the Tech Resources page of our classroom website. I will also link it below for quick access.
Barrow Student Launch Page

Writing Workshop & Science/Social Studies

In Writing Workshop we have focused on stretching out the sounds we hear in words and writing the corresponding sounds for those letters in our writing. Students are using labels to add more detail to their pictures and beginning to write words and even sentences. Our writing focus has been narrative, which tells a story from our own life. Second quarter we will be focusing on a combination of informational and persuasive writing. Students will be writing facts learned from various Science and Social Studies topics as well as giving their opinion on topics and supporting their viewpoint in their writing.

Science and Social Studies topics are also integrated into the read alouds and writing topics for Writing Workshop. Students have written about community, rules, community helpers and our five senses.

Home-School Connection
After reading a book at-home together ask your child to draw, label, and/or write a sentence about their favorite part of the book. The Clarke County library is a great resource for finding books that tie to our Science and Social Studies topics. Also please don't forget about the Tech Resources page on our Room Five website which features the PebbleGo database and other at-home resources that support kindergarten standards! (website link under Helpful Information section of the newsletter.)


We are currently in our Counting with Friends unit. We are learning to count to 100 by 1's and 10's, begin counting at any given number up to 100 (Ex. 65, 66, 67...), put numbers in the correct order, write numbers 0-20, represent a number of objects with a written numeral, read and write number words, and work with the concepts of more, less, and equal. Below are pictures of students working in teams and groups to put numbers 0-10 in the correct order.

We have begun exciting work with our very own counting jars and math journals! Daily we are using our counting jars to count the number of math tiles in our jars, double check the count, and create an equal set of objects to our tiles. We then use our math journals to record our work. Students use a combination of pictures, numbers, and number words to record their work. Below are some pictures of our counting jar and math journal work in Room Five!

Home-School Connection
Below is a link to a wonderful parent resource which gives a breakdown of the targeted math standards for our unit, relevant vocabulary, digital resources to use at home, titles of suggested picture books to checkout from the library, as well as a collection of ideas to support your child in the learning of this math unit at home.
Unit 2 CCSD Parent Resources

We have finished our Sophisticated Shapes unit which included positional words, 2-D and 3-D shapes. We have continued to extend our learning of our shapes unit by finding shapes in our environment whenever the opportunity presents itself. Please continue to reinforce this learning at home as your children are very excited about finding and naming shapes in their environment!

Student Choice Centers

This month we added netbooks to our Student Choice Centers. Students are absolutely loving using them and they are doing a great job being independent with technology! Students are using an information database called PebbleGo to further their learning on topics of interest to them. Weather and animals have been the high interest topics of the month! Below are some pictures of our adventures in play both in the classroom and on the playground!

Important Reminders

  • Review all papers in the Monday Folder and return requested information as soon as possible.
  • Purple weekly behavior sheets should be signed and returned to school in the Monday Folder.
  • All transportation changes must be made in writing. Email is not an accepted form of transportation change. Please attach the change to the outside of your child’s backpack. We do not go through backpacks daily and this helps to ensure that we receive this important information.
  • Make sure you have sent in a change of clothing including underwear in a gallon Zip-loc labeled with your child's name to keep in your child's cubby. We always want to be prepared in case an accident or spill occurs.

Links to Helpful Information

Room Five Classroom Website (password: super)

Please don't forget to have your child fill our our monthly question on the Padlet Questions section of our website.

Weekly Morning Meeting Sharing Schedule

Reminder that your child has a weekly Morning Meeting sharing day. Here are some things they can share during this time: news, something they created at home such as writing or a drawing, or a favorite book; no toys please.

Contacting Ms. Choate

If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

706.543.2676 x 38311