Help! Scams!


The Foreign Lottery Scam!

The foreign lottery scam is a scam where they say that you won the lottery with a ridiculous about of cash.

  • If you didn't enter the lottery, you can't win it.
  • If you get sent an E-mail about this, look it up on Google or something and, in most cases, you will find out it doesn't exist and is probably a well-documented scam.
  • In all scam cases they ask for your PI(or personal info).

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PayPal or Banking Scam!

The PayPal or banking scam is where they say things about your account and usually have you give out your personal info.

  • If it includes a threat, like "If you don't click this link now, your account will be terminated." it is usually fake.'
  • If they don't know who you are, such as starting with, "Dear Valued Customer" or something like that, it is usually fake.
  • If their e-mail address is suspicious, its usually fake because PayPal only uses addresses that end in

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Survey Scam!

The most common scam, which I have been fooled by dozens of times, is the infamous survey scam!

  • If you weren't requested to join the survey, it is usually fake.
  • If this survey is even distantly releated to getting something for free, it IS a scam.
  • If the survey is on something that happened a while ago, like a LONG time ago, or a month or something, it is usually fake.


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