The Zombie Apocalypse

By Aaron Glassmyer

This flyer will help you how to survive the zombie apocalypse. This will tell you places to go and places you shouldn't go. Hello i'm Aaron I am one of the very few survivors left. Just read this flyer (if you have time) and go to the best places try to find people that will help you. I wish the best of luck to any survivors left hopefully i will see you. now stop reading this and run there is a zombie behind you!
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(coastal Range) Los Angels CA

My plan would be go to the tallest tower in the city and go there and try to kill all the zombies. I would guard myself the best I can so i cant die.

People should go here because there is lots of people here and we have a water source and food i encourage to bring food and cloths if you want to survive we will have a place for you.

We have 5 buffets so there if plenty of food here. You should bring your own cloths and only for you and you should bring bikes.

To stay safe we all need to go to the tallest skyscrapers and go to the roof with gun and snipers and try to shoot as many zombies as we can.* KIDS* All kids will be needed to hospital for treatment and care. For ADULTS and CHILDREN there will be places to stay safe.

(Basin and Range) Las Vegas NV

Here s the plan if you decide to come here. We will go to a military base. They have everything you need (food and Water). We will train people on "How to kill a zombie". This place isn't the cleanest but its good. We need people to bring anything they need because we do have a limited food source try to tell people about us and help take them here.

To stay safe you are going to half to fight. Any zombie that is in a 1 mile radius of the base needs to be killed. Don't worry we will have the kids safe you can see them after you finish training. They will go to this special program to help them learn. I hope you the best of luck getting here.