Emalee's Jelly Belly Party

To Ella ,celebrate Emalee's 11th with fun.

What it's all about.

At Emalee's Jelly Belly challenge um..... I mean sleepover,we're all going to do the BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE. Whoever is to spit out the jellybean first loses.

When that's all over we're going to have a movie marathon. ( Get your pillows and PJs)

At the end of the night, we're all going to get ready for the pass the parcel. ( but not the usual.)

In the morning have a rewarding birthday breakfast of pancakes and juice.


At: 17 Sundew Cresent Upper Coomera 4209

Starts: 3:00pm 20/06/2015

Ends: After 9:30am 21/06/2015

Bring: movies to watch and fun spirits.

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14th of June 2015