My WisCareers assignment


This is one of my favorite art pieces

The next thing I love is building stuff

I feel that construction lets my imagination run wild. Its one of the only times I get to do what I want to do.

Things i like to build with.

I love building construction sets. In example i like legos and k'nex or i really like kreo.

School subjects and strengths and weaknesses.


Science I'm really good at science. It's one of the only subjects I get excited about! I feel that I'm really good at math to.


I struggle in language arts and writing.



i think that people need family because thats what decides if you're going to be a good and happy person or a gruff mean person that steals.

The ways I'm smart.

i believe I'm smart in every way possible BUT i find i struggle in a few ways such as social conversation skills and body smarts.

The Ways I Learn Best

The best way i learn is hands on like science experiments.

My Holland Code


Top three career clusters: Education, government and Human Services

(I dislike them allllllllll)

The Career reaserched

Chemist: salary 37,340-88,200

Classes needed:calculus, chemistry and physics

Job outlook: Will face competition.