Marine Biologist

Anna Hernandez

What Does A Marine Biologist Do?

It is a Marine Biologist's job to study plants and animals that live in salt water. However, the work is very different everyday. Part of a Marine Biologist's typical day could include studying samples in the laboratory, diving beneath the rolling waves dressed in scuba gear, or taking samples of the sea from a boat or ship. Taking on the roll studying ocean life is a very diverse task. Marine Biologists make work at universities, federal or state governments, for non-profit organizations, or a privately owned business. Specific tasks for a typical day may include estimating and analyzing sea population or access causes, effects, prevention and control of different species. This also might include writing scientific reports on research and investigations. Lastly, a Marine Biologist's salary varies from $27,644 - 109,785 a year. Although a Marine Biologist's jobs vary from day to day, there are many other surprises within the biology business!

What Experience And Schooling Do You Need To Become A Marine Biologist?

To become a Marine Biologist, most importantly you need a deep passion for animals and plants of all kinds. Knowing how to swim is also a necessity in the Marine Biologist field! To become a Marine Biologist, you need to be prepared for anything from scuba diving to testing samples in the lab. Also, careers in the marine biology field are very competitive and it is best to learn as much as possible early on. Schooling wise, a Bachelors degree in biological or marine science is required to become a marine biologist. A Bachelors degree is an academic degree that usually takes four years to fulfill.

Why Did I Choose To Study This Career?

I thought a Marine Biologist would be a really interesting job to look into because it includes plants and animals of all kinds. From testing in the lab to swimming through beautiful coral reefs, I know this job would be perfect for many. Also, creating memories and making friends is included in the deal!

What Branch Of Science Does This Fall Under?

This career deals with Life Science because it is the study of living things. Life science is any type of science that deals with living things. A Marine Biologist studies all different kinds of plants and animals that live in salt water, mostly oceans. This also falls under the life science category because a Marine Biologist runs many different tests on sea life.

What Did I Find Most Interesting About This Career?

I found this job interesting because it studies two of my favorite things... plants and animals! I also found out while researching this job that a marine biologist only studies salt water living things, a different career studies fresh water organisms. Plus, I discovered through research that a marine biologist studies everything from small plankton to huge killer whales!
Being a Marine Biologist