Nursing ABC Staff Newsletter

February 2016

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The Retirement of Riley Hoselton

A long time ago, 2005 to be exact, when Ken and Dee and Nate Hartman were managing a very small NursingABC, it was jointly decided that we needed someone to rewrite and teach our biology course in place of Ken. Before the discussion of hiring even began, we had known who we would like to hire as soon as we were able.

So our first out-of-the-family hire, Riley Hoselton, began working for us that year. Hiring Riley was not a shot in the dark. Ken had known Riley as a student of his at Geneva, and when she graduated she accepted a job at Beaver County Christian School, where our kids attended. She was a favorite teacher, and really the first to get Libby interested in the sciences. Sadly for us, not long after Riley Page married Drew Hoselton, she left BCCS to attend graduate school at the University of Washington where she received her Masters’ degree in teaching of biology. She and Drew then returned to Upstate New York and settled in to enjoy life that included lots of outdoor activities and homeschooling of their two boys, Randon and Dane.

We were more than excited when Riley accepted our job offer and very pleased with the results as she rewrote the curriculum. Years later she would also author our college biology course, and do the videos for the high school course. (So she’ll always be with us in video.) She has been a tremendous asset through the years, including helping us with each Middle States accreditation process.

So, now, in 2015, she is “retiring” as her boys are both in college and she has the opportunity to work with her husband in their car dealership. Riley brought excellence to our bio curriculum and helped in the development stage of NABC. Because she is a friend as well as a colleague, we don’t lose her as part of our lives. Thanks, Riley, for more than you know!

--Dee Hartman

Who Is Rebecca Williams?

You may have seen Rebecca (known to most of us as Becca) at company functions . . . are you wondering how she is associated with NursingABC? Becca does most of the graphic design work for the company. She is a stay at home mom who does some freelance design work. Since she works as an independent contractor and isn't on our regular list of employees we failed to mention her in our last newsletter with all the babies that were born. She and her husband Jared welcomed Ellie Lauren Williams on February 25, 2015. Congratulations to the Williams family as well, even though now Ellie is almost 1 (Happy Birthday)! We appreciate all Becca's work, and now you'll know how she is connected when you see her at functions!

Development Report

We are currently researching programs such as Nursing, PA, OTA, PTA, Radiologic Tech., and Dental Hygiene in various territories including Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, California, Arkansas and Missouri.

We also continue to sign up for various conferences including a Rad. Tech. conference in Las Vegas as well as many National League of Nursing conferences in a variety of states including: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, Atlanta.

On top of the research, I will be visiting Reading Area Community College tomorrow (1/19) to follow up on a good lead from last year.

We also continue to follow up with new schools based off of transcripts requests and other leads from students in new schools.

--Joshua Schroder

Student Comments

"The fact the program is self-paced is a huge plus. I was able to tailor the material to my schedule. As a parent with odd hours every day and night, being able to study the modules at any time really helped."

"I liked the flexibility of the program due to it fitting what I have going on in my life right now. I also very much appreciated the multiple ways I could learn in this course. I found the videos by the instructor the most helpful as I am a visual learner. I also appreciated how quickly and in depth my instructor's responses were to my questions. I also appreciated how quickly items were graded. This all helped with be being able to move quickly and effectively through the modules."

"The strengths include blended course material, both text and lecture. Material content contains what you need to know and the course is flexible, it can accommodate anyone's schedule."

Enrollment Report

The second half of 2015 saw an enrollment increase of 33% over the second half of 2014. Students were referred to us by over 87 schools in each of the six months of the second half of the year, with over 100 different schools listed on registration forms in the months of November and December. The month of August saw a record enrollment of 394 courses.

__________________NursingABC____Exam Prep____Portage_______Total
July 2015_____________84______________1____________228_________313
August 2015_________59______________ 0____________335_________394
September 2015_____53______________1____________282_________336

October 2015________59______________0____________247_________306

November 2015_____83_______________4____________262_________349

December 2015_____86_______________1____________286_________373

2015 was a record year for us in terms of enrollment with a total of 3940 courses offered. Thank you to all of you for teaching, supporting students before and after enrollment, answering tech tickets, answering student questions about course material, and talking with students and schools. I’m looking forward to a fun 2016!

--Steve Michalik