Canadian National Parks

By Madeline Stover

La Mauricie National Park, Quebec, Canada

The La Mauricie National Park is located in the Laurntian mountain range in the Canadian shield.

La Mauricie National Park has lakes, forests and rolling hills, with rivers, streams, and waterfalls

Tourist Attractions

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Biking
  • Cross-country Skiing/ Snowshoeing
  • and the beautiful scenery and animals

There are over 40 species of mammals and over 180 species of birds sighted. Here are some of them.

Waterways of the park

There are many water ways of this park including rivers, ponds, waterfalls, and numerous lakes. Here are some pictures of them.


There are many kinds of plants and a couple of kinds of vegetation. Here are some of them.

The parks dense forest is composed of at least 30 species of trees that cover 93% of the parks area. The 440 species of plants include some 70 species of rare or uncommon plants found mostly on rocky cliffs and around swampy areas. Underneath all of those trees there is a blend of mosses and lichens.