ASPIRE 5th Weekly News

February 5, 2016

Dates to Remember:

February 9 - Math Olympiad Competition 4

February 12 - Valentine's Party

February 15 - Student Holiday

February 17-18 - Early Dismissal (11:45) with Student led conferences

February 19 - All 5th grade field trip to CTMS to discuss electives; Progress Reports go home.

February 22 - ASPIRE 3-4-5 Field Trip to George W. Bush Presidential Library

A Peek at Last Week

Scientists at Work:

This week our scholars began their study of the uses of energy - electrical, thermal, mechanical, sound, and light. They are working in teams to invent a new machine that would help with a specific need and uses and/or produces all five types of heat. They will be presenting their poster of their machine Shark Tank style to the whole ASPIRE 5 class and 6 experts. The two teams with the most investors will be declared the winners!

In Humanities:

After we finished our Historical Fiction Book Clubs, the scholars completed a survey about what they liked, disliked, and wished about the book club process and the genres they were most interested in reading next. They also told us they were interested in having more traditional book club jobs like Vocabulary Checker, Plot Detective, etc. In ASPIRE 5 we believe in Student Voice in the designing of lessons - so we listened to our scholars' ideas from the survey and this week introduced our next book club genre - FANTASY. Students formed groups based on their favorite element of fantasy and went to the library in search of books.

Next Week in Our Classes


6th Grade Accelerated Math
  • Combining like terms and solving one step equations

5th Grade Math

  • Multiplying fractions in real world situations


  • Fantasy Book Club meetings - chunking the story, reading the first chunk and student led discussion of the chunk
  • Preparing for student led conferences

Social Studies

  • Looking at the roles of women in the Revolutionary War
  • The implication on various groups as the Revolutionary War comes to an end


  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • Electrical Circuits


  • Collaborating with small groups
  • Presentations to class

Order and Chaos in ASPIRE 5

Energy - order and chaos coexisting! Be it the energy of scholars working together, or the energy used and produced by machines.

Scholar Led Conferences

Our scholar led conferences will take place during the afternoons of the two early dismissal days on February 17-18, 2016. Mr. Boykin and Mrs. Fullhart will be send home schedules this next week for you to give us your 1st and 2nd choice for conference times. The scholars will be preparing an agenda for the conference. If you have specific questions or items you would like be considered for the agenda, be sure to let your child know !

Valentine's Day Party in 5th Grade

The 5th-Grade Valentine’s Day Party will be Friday, February 12, starting at 12:40 pm. Would you like to help make it a really fun and memorable event? Please go to Sign-Up Genius to find out how to contribute party supplies or to volunteer your time:

We believe that in school, our Scholars should have a valentine for every classmate in their homeroom (giving them to the other ASPIRE 5 class is also fine). Please do not have your child bring "special" valentines for "Special" friends. We will attach a list of our students to the email that brought you this link.

Please remember that both classrooms are nut-free zones. If your child's valentines have treats attached to them, be sure they do not contain nuts. Also, due to severe allergies in our school, we have been told that there may not be any homemade items.

Thank you for helping to keep our scholars safe!

Important iPad Reminders

In the past few weeks many scholars have been coming to school with iPads that are not charged. It is very important that iPads are charged each night. In some instances, scholars also came to school without chargers and had to borrow one.

Please check that your child has plugged in his/her iPad each night and brings the iPad charger to school. While we do have a few open outlets in the classroom, we don't have enough for the number of people who have been regularly forgetting to charge their iPads.

Thank you so much for your help in this!

Reading Rewards and the 40 Book Challenge

According to our goal setting conferences with our scholars, the most difficult part of the 40 book Challenge is not reading 40 books - but reading books from many different genres. Encourage your scholar to branch out and read a book from a different genre than their favorite! One of the ways the scholars may keep track of the books they read for the 40 Book Challenge is to use All of our scholars are now enrolled in our class!

Six Flags Reading

As your scholar works on the 40 Book Challenge, be sure to have them keep a reading log. Six Flags gives a free ticket to students that log in over 6 hours of reading. I need their logs by Feb 20. Read and you can go to Six Flags for FREE!


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