Gerner Staff Cub News

November 10-14, 2014

NEW! ECSE Coverage for Preschool Combined Staff Lunch!

One of the suggestions brought to Building Leadership Team this month was to find a way for preschool staff to eat lunch with each other once a month. The idea was for ECSE staff to cover for preschool associates and leads for 30 minutes in the classroom, so preschool associates and preschool leads could eat lunch together. With their current break schedule, no more than 2 staff have the same lunch break at one time.

We have provided each preschool classroom with a "buddy room". These buddy rooms will figure out how to cover their lunch time. Teachers will be covering for teachers and teacher assistants will be covering for associates. If a teacher has an IEP meet at the time of the lunch, she will seek out a therapist to find coverage for that preschool teacher. If a teacher has a sub that day, the sub will help cover in the preschool classroom.

This was a great solution for something the preschool teachers have been wanting for a long time! Kudos to the Building Leadership Team for their INNOVATIVE and OUTSIDE OF THE BOX ideas to boost preschool collaboration!

Calendar invites will be sent to all groups involved - one for associates and one for preschool leads.

Please contact a BLT member for additional information: Vikki Hascall (8), Barbara Bennion, Jennie Watt (112), Amber Goin (116), Michelle Mitchell (129), Jennifer Thomas (138), Megan Burroughs (134), or Terrann Wood (177).

PBS Student Support Team (different from PBIS)

Positive Behavior Support Team (PBS)

Team Members: Our Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Team consists of Elisa Parker, Terrann Wood, Allison Dawson, and Irene Keller.

Purpose of the Group: If you have a student that is struggling with behavior (and isn’t already receiving special education services), you might think about meeting with the PBS team to come up with some interventions.

What do you have to do? IT's SO SIMPLE! Just complete a one page referral form, contact the parents, and collect data on a form that is ready to use. Then contact anyone on the team for more information. Irene schedules all of the meetings and will help you with paperwork.

*If you need coverage for your classroom, reserve Hayley or Mechelle through the Google Doc sub list at:

We have a team of support staff here to help you. They will work with you to develop intervention strategies that are teacher friendly, but will address the concerns impacting the student in your classroom.

Burroughs' Brainstorm Turned into Affinity Diagram

Here is our quality tool. It’s not very pretty but it is our first try! I started by asking my afternoon class things they already knew about farms. They threw things out and I typed them. After a while I noticed some categories so I had the kids tell me which words would go into which category. They did well sorting them between animals, things on a farm, and things that grow on farm (which led into a conversation about those being called crops). As they were brainstorming they had some questions that I told them we could find out. So it tunred into sort of an Affinity Diagram or KWL chart except next time we will need to add in what we learned. It was really fun to see what they came up with!

Big image
Big image

Scholar Dollars Fundraising - THIS WEEK!

Information about Scholar Dollars Fundraising (READ): More info available at:

On Monday the Park Hill Education Foundation Campaign Week begins and I have some exciting news!

Again this year, we have a special possibility for those donating to the Park Hill Education Foundation. For every $5 donated to the Foundation a person’s name will be put into a drawing to receive an extra “Personal” day off of his or her choosing! Last year Kelly Sampson and Pam Hickman, both from the Russell Jones Education Center, received an extra day!

Here are a few of the details.

  • All staff can participate---Certified and classified staff
  • For every $5 a person gives, his or her name will be put into a drawing
  • The person’s name that is drawn will receive a day off from work of his or her choosing
  • People participating in payroll deduction, current or new, will be included. (Participants must commit to a year of giving.)
  • One time donations will be included. This includes any person who has donated since July 1, 2014
  • The drawing will be held at a public meeting TBD
  • The deadline for giving is Nov. 30th

Payroll Deduction Example: Ms. Smith gives $5 a month through payroll deduction for a year. ($60 a year) Her name would be put in the drawing 12 times.

One Time Donation Example: Mr. Smith gives a check for $100. His name would be put in the drawing 20 times.

If you are not already participating in Payroll Deduction, a form is available in the workroom to fill out and send to District Office in attention to Susan VanHooser.

If you are already giving through Payroll Deduction and you do NOT want to make any changes you do NOT need to complete a new form.

Schedule - 11/10-11/14/2014

MONDAY 11/10/14
  • Pajama Day - Super Cub Celebration
  • 5:30 p.m. PTA Executive Board Mtg.
  • 6:00 p.m. PTA Meeting (Upstairs MPR)

TUESDAY 11/11/14

  • 9 a.m. Parents as Teachers Meeting
  • 4:30 p.m. Chess Club (Community Ed)
  • Papa John's Night

WEDNESDAY 11/12/14 - Angie in Jeff City for DEC/ECSE Partnership Mtg.

  • 10:30 a.m. SMART Board Training (available for all associate preschool and ECSE TAs)
  • 12 p.m. ECSE & Title I Teacher/Therapist Meeting

THURSDAY 11/13/14 - Angie at Graden in AM

  • 1:30 p.m. School wide PBIS Meeting
  • 3 p.m. Late Room Meeting (Conference Room)

FRIDAY 11/14/14

  • Spirit Wear!