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October 14, 2016


Dreamer of the Week

Cacey Narez

This week we celebrate all that you do

You even get a parking spot and little treat too!

Thanks for challenging our kids to Follow Their Dreams!

Teacher of the Year

We love our current Teacher of the Year!

Thanks Becca for representing us so well!

Now it's time to think about who will be the next to represent Lakeside. Please consider nominating one of our many worthy educators for this honor. The nomination form is found at the link below:

The window is open until October 28th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Please use #lakeside1617 when you tweet out this year.


Follow Your Dreams....

Curriculum Updates:

Curriculum Courier:

Here's the link to the most recent newsletter from the Curriculum Department. It gives you all the information I receive.

  • Please make a special note of the SCIENCE assessment information.
  • Check out the Project VOTE information.


You've had your first solo round of UbD planning time ... What questions do you have? Let me know so we can reflect, adjust, and move forward....

Next round of UbD Planning Days -
November 14,15,16

(*assigned date for grades may change due to a potentially added district training)

Expected outcome will be UbD plans for End of November, December, and January (3 subjects per grade level)

  • Maureen - our instructional coach will support planning
  • Diana Saylack and David Noel can be invited to support math and science planning
  • Skye - can be invited for a portion for collaboration needs
  • Lisa - can be invited for a portion to support instructional extensions

Team Leaders... Please be sure you have communicated with any or all of these people the time(s) you want them to come by.

  • These are half days - please plan to stay on campus for lunch.

KN2K (Knows & Need to Knows)

Brain Pop is up and running.

The school password has changed please let me know if you need help logging in but your individual educator account (that we created last year) should be the way you and your kids login and those passwords should not be impacted. Remember that when you use your educator account you can customize the Brain Pop experience for your learners including opportunities for formative assessment.

Sue and Roxann, I added you to our educator group.

  • You should have received an email about it.

Diversity Task Force

(No Cape Necessary)

Please let me know if you are willing, able, and interested in sitting on this district committee. They meet about 3 times per year (after school).


Grant Opportunity

The Coppell Education Foundation would like to announce that the 2016 Grant submission window will be open, as of September 12 and will close on October 17 at 4:30 pm.

All applications must be submitted through this google form. It can also be accessed through our, by clicking on grants and R&B grant application.

Once an application has been submitted through the google form and the signed policies and procedures form has been sent to, a confirmation email will be sent back to the applicant and administrator.

We look forward to reading all the creative, transformative ideas that provide learning opportunities for our students beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


*Please feel free to email me (Gema) if you would like a hardcopy of the Grant Application as a reference or for planning.

AP's Corner

Formative Flashback

First Word/Last Word

This is a technique used for pre- and post- assessment of students’ understanding of a topic. Choose a vocabulary word from the content (e.g., FORMATIVE) and ask students to write the word vertically on a sheet of paper. Students will use each letter in the vocabulary word as the first letter of a word that is a characteristic of the vocabulary word (e.g., F – Frequent). As a post-assessment, ask students to repeat the process.


Just this week a new walkthrough form was released for administrators to use so you may see a Domain 1 walkthrough being released to you in the near future. As always, please reach out to us for any T-TESS questions.

Coach's Corner

Lakeside recently received 2 new resource books. Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades Pre-K-2 and Grades 3-5. It's a practical resource of problem-based activities and tasks that engage children in the mathematics. It includes formative assessment, visual models, and constructivist activities. I can support you in putting this excellent resource to work for you.

You Can Book.Me

Worth an Encore:

Repeat information or reference links will be housed in this section.



17) Lots....

MACBOOKS ARE COMING TODAY - During your planning!

Meeting Monday on the agenda: COMMITTEES

  • Please use this time to meet w/your committees to plan for the year, semester, etc...
  • SBDM in B106
  • Leadership in Library
  • Others...TBD

18) Barbara to (pm) Mtg., Site Visits for Maureen, Liz, & Katie plus First goes to the Farm

19-20) Gema to APQC Training

19) Leaning Walks at 1:30

20) Dancing through the Decades (3rd grade program @ 8:15) & K to the Arboretum plus Skye to Library meeting (pm)

21) LOW @ 8, Growth & Development for 5th @ 2 (yikes), and Report Cards go home

24-28) Red Ribbon Week

24) Assembly (info coming from Jan) @ 8:30 (Longhorn Schedule)

25) Gema to Principal's Mtg

26) Lisa to GT Mtg

27) Jan to Counselors Mtg

28) Lots ... including deadlines:

  • LOW & Red Ribbon Walk at 8:05 am
  • Jan, Becca & StuCo leadership to Training
  • Clarity Survey Deadline
  • Teacher of the Year Nominations are due

31) Scarecrow Parade for K at 8:05 and Day of Play - Info coming from Lisa


1) Gema to P Mtg and Valerie to Math Academy

2-4) 5th & Cindy to Sky Ranch

3) Molly and Kaitlynn to Math Academy

7) PTO Meeting at 8 am and Staff Meeting Monday at 3:30pm

8) Voting at Lakeside

9) Potential School Tour in the morning?

10) First Grade Program at 8 and 6 plus Many Meetings:

  • Literacy Academy for Kirby, Valerie, Becca, Rachelle & Lauren
  • IMPACT for Rachelle
  • AP Meeting for Annelise
11) LOW, Grades Due and Dad's Club Campout at Night

12) Parent University (Saturday)

14-18) Book Fair Week

14) Picture Retakes and Progress Reports go home

16&17) Gema to APQC

16) Beckit to Mtg. til 9, Lisa to GT Mtg. & Fourth grade Fine Arts trip

17) Jan (am) and Skye (pm) have their meetings

18) LOW & Turkey Drive


Kinder on 11/17



Third on 11/18?


Fifth on 11/17?

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to:

Kirby Leonard

Valerie Hill

Kathy White

Frankie Robertson

Liz Tanner

Sue Ellison

Kaitlynn Meidenbauer

Cacey Narez

Maureen Salmon

Sara Beth Tuffnell

Thanks for being here everyday!

Happy Birthday to....


Susan 10/15 (*corrected date)

Becca 10/26

Denim Days...

In general:

Tuesdays for supporters of the Red and Black attack shirts.

with a college tee

Fridays with a Lakeside / CISD tee