Mr. H's 10th Grade Field Trip

The Confederate Museum in Charleston, SC

The Confederate Museum

The site of this building was originally occupied by the MASONIC Hall, which was completely destroyed by fire in 1838. Market Hall was built in 1841. It is a copy of the Temple of the Wingless Victory in Athens, Greece.

88 Meeting Street at the Corner of Meeting Street and Market Street in Charleston, South Carolina

The purpose of this trip

The students will be able to experience a historical location that is relevant to our South Carolina Education Standards.

Standard USHC-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how regional and ideological differences led to the Civil War and an understanding of the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on democracy in America.

the Cost: $150

The cost of this trip will cover the following:

  • Breakfast: Bojangles Lunch: Chic Fila Dinner: Golden Corral (please include if your child has any allergies)
  • Admission to the museum
  • Spending money (museum gift shop)
  • We will also be needing 5 chaperones and those that come will only have to pay for their meals that day and any extra they may choose to spend, admission to the museum will be covered

Important dates

  • March 16th- Permission slip due
  • March 23rd- Deposit due
  • March 30th- Rest of money due
  • April 2nd- Day of trip
  • Departure will be 7 a.m. and we will return around 8 p.m.