Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of Feb. 25th-March 1st

Week in Review (2/19-2/22)

This week the students really blew my socks off! We wrapped up our figurative language unit by exploring idioms inside and out. They had a hard time holding their horses when it came to writing about them! The students wrote amazing color poems that took my breath away! We reviewed fractions and money until our faces turned blue. The Economics Fair was a hit! We really burned holes in our pockets buying all the neat crafts the 3rd graders created! The only bad thing about the week was that we had a hard time speaking without using idioms!

What We Will Be Learning About This Week (2/25-3/1)

Math: The students will work on addition and subtraction with three digit numbers. Students will be introduced to working with numbers up to 999. We will be using hands on models to make numbers to help students get more comfortable and flexible in their thinking. Students will be completing problem solving each day in math, at this point in the year the problems will be multi-step and require higher level thinking. Problem solving is connected to everyday experiences where they communicate, and use logical reasoning to justify their thinking. Later in the week students will be completing a guided spiraling sheet and an individual spiraling sheet.

Reading: We are starting a new unit in Fiction! This week we will be learning about folktales from different cultures and what we can learn about the values of those cultures from their folktales. Specifically, we will be reading different versions of Cinderella and comparing and contrasting the elements of the stories across the different cultures. The students will also be completing reading responses after independently reading folktales.

Writing: We are continuing to write poetry and to apply what we learned from our figurative language unit. The students will also have the opportunity to write about small moments, in which I will stress to them the importance of using complete sentences and correct capitalization and punctuation.

Word Study: The students have been put into new Word Study groups based on their latest spelling inventory. The different skills the groups are learning are: long and short i with CVCe (red group), long and short o with oa , ow, and CVCe (yellow group), changing y to i and adding es (green group), and using prefixes dis, in, mis, and un (blue group).

Science: The spotlight in science will be weather and the water cycle. Students will be learning about the water cycle by isolating each stage. This week we will be focusing on evaporation. Students will be conducting several experiences to experience evaporation hands on. We will be wrapping up our weather data collect with a super duper graphing day. Students will use the data to graph their results.

Thursday Folders and High Fives

Thursday folders went out on February 21st with all sorts of goodies for parents to look at! Give your awesome student a high five and keep encouraging him/her to do their best work possible. Spring is around the corner and everyone gets tired, but let's keep pushing our kids to new levels!

I also sent home a note about our upcoming Field Trip to the Austin Zoo on March 28th! Please look at the form and return it as soon as possible.

Spotlight Stallion

The Spotlight Stallion for the week is Tayler West! Peter Rabbit is so excited to go home with Tayler! She is a very sweet and helpful student! Way to go, Tayler!

In the Loop

Friday, Feb. 22 - Class Spirit Shirt Day

Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 6 pm - 2nd Cup of Coffee with the principal

Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 27 and 28 - Inside recess due to STAAR practice test

Wednesday, March 6 - Early Release at 12:45 pm

Friday, March 8 - Field Trip permission slip and money due

Monday - Friday, March 11 - 15 - Spring Break, No School


Jack D. February 28th

Justin March 9th

Kindergarten Round Up

Round Rock ISD will be holding it's annual Kindergarten Round-Up Tuesday, March 5th. Patsy Sommer Elementary will be participating in this registration day similar to the way we have the past few years. There will be a sign up posted on the Sommer website beginning Saturday, February 23rd and closing Sunday, March 3rd. The day has been broken up into 1 hour time slots from 9 am to 2 pm. We are asking that any family with a prospective Kindergarten student for the 2013-2014 school year please sign up for one of the times listed. During this time, parents will be able to fill out the necessary registration paperwork while the new Kindergarten student gets to visit the Kindergarten pod and read books, play games, and make a craft with several of the Kindergarten teachers. If you are unable to bring your child we still encourage you to come and register him/her so that we can adequately prepare for the next school year.

Please look for the sign up at