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Advertising your products, services and promotions is a key part of any business development. There are various ways of advertising your business ranging from online advertising and advertising in papers, magazines etc. to point of sale advertising. This is probably the most important as it grabs the attention of you potential customers on site. In this short article I shall talk you through the range of external notice boards which can be used effectively to advertise your business from the kerb.

There are numerous forms of outdoor notice boards on the market, and every supplier will have their own branded items although they will all be very similar in appearance and functionality. We stock an excellent range of external board which would be perfect for advertising your business, products and services. We also have the ability to supply bespoke made external poster displays for you to wall mount, as well as freestanding options.

The most popular Outdoor Notice Boards are wall mounted styles and we stock poster cases for every eventuality. If you have a single large poster which you need a case for, then our external lockable poster case would be perfect for you. This is available in sizes as small as A4 and can hold up to A0 posters too. The larger the poster cases come with door stays to ensure ease of poster changing and stability of the product.

This model comes with a silver anodised frame ad is lockable with a set of keys for extra security of your information. Similar to this item, but allowing for you to display various sheets of information instead of 1 single poster, we have a version with a magnetic back to it. This is also a dry wipe back so can be used with dry erase marker pens. This is supplied with magnetic pins to attach our posters to the backing, and they are available in a few sizes which can hold as few as 4 A4 sheets of paper, up to sizes large enough to hold 12 A4 sheets of paper.

If you are in search of more bespoke external notice boards, then we can also assist in this with you. We can supply UK made poster cases for wall mounting, rail mounting, or freestanding purposes in any size you need. These are popular with many councils for displaying in parks and other outdoor residential or public areas, and restaurants whose requirements vary from the standard poster sizes when it comes to displaying their menus and promotions outside their premises. As this is a bespoke service we offer, it means we can provide them in any colour frame finish you wish, with a choice of backing including pin boards, letter board or magnetic backing, and we can even print our company logo if you wish!

We really do have the ability to provide any kind of outdoor notice boards you could imagine, so check out our range today or give us a call to discuss your bespoke requirements.


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