Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

By: Aneliz E. Luna

Where was JACKIE ROBINSON born and when he died

JACKIE ROBINSON was born in January 13,1919 in Cairo,Georgia he

died in October 24 ,1972 at 7:10 am.

2.JACKIE R. is famous for

Jackie Robinson is famous for being the first African American

man to compete in Major League baseball .His talent contributed to the Dodgers win of the World Championship in 1955. He was also the first vice president of a huge American company.

3. Jackie Robinson childhood


childhood was all school he did high school meddle school and college

he was a good sport guy and the first African america in baseball


JACKIE ROBINSON was the first African American player in baseball he was the only African American

all the guys were white and every boy hate him except a white friend of him.

5.A Quotable Quot that I Lerner

''I Lerner about Jackie to never give up and to be strong to be the first one.''
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JACKIE ROBESON had a beautiful women and 3 cute kids.

6.live lessen

Some live Lessen that I Lerner about Jackie Robinson is to never give up and to be strong no matter what.

7.In five words

I will describe Jackie.R by sing that he is brave,kind full,brilliant,amazing and he never gives up.

8. Five fast fact

Jackie was in baseball sins April 15 ,1947

years playing is 1947-56

he was better with his right hand

went to the college

he likes sports

9. Impotant things

  1. Jackie Robeson was born in January 31,1919
  2. Jackie Roberson died in October 24,1974
  3. he was the first baseball player
Jackie Robinson Documentary

Jackie R.

Jackie Robinson lost hes dad because of the fiat of white and color.\

Also Jackie had to go threw the white and color stuff.

Jackie thought that wasn't fair that they the color people and kids didn't git things like them. Sow Jackie thought that he cud hid hes felling.

Jackie R.

Jackie Robinson burst onto the scene in 1947, breaking baseball's color barrier and bringing the Negro leagues' electrifying style of play to the Majors. He quickly became baseball's top drawing card and a symbol of hope to millions of Americans. With Robinson as the catalyst, the Dodgers won six pennants in his 10 seasons.

Jackie Robinson

Robinson became the first athlete in the history of UCLA to letter in four sports (baseball, football, basketball and track) in the same year.