Progressive Era Super Team

Booker T. Washington (Booker Thing Washington)

He was born into slavery. Booker had a strong intrest in learning as a kid. He had the strongest progressive voice in the black community. He was chosen to run the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute. The school was a leading school in the country having 100 buildings, 1,500 students, and 200 faculty. His ability is to build schools fast
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Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie grew up poor working in a cotton factory in Pittsburg. He would soon rise to superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1859. By his early thirties Carnegie would become a wealthy businessman from investments in oil and iron companies. In the early 1870s Carnegie began a career in the steel business. He founded his first steel company in Pittsburg in the 1870s. Once he had enough money in 1892 he used his primary holdings to begin Carnegie Steel Company. Carnegie used vertical integration, when a business expands itself into areas that are at different points on the same production line, in order to grow his steel business. By 1879 Carnegie's company manufactured nearly all of the steel in America. In 1901carnegie sold his company to J.P. Morgan for 480 million. Carnegie has the power to mass produce steel from the ground pulling liquid iron from the ground and creating steel in seconds giving him the name "Man of Steel"

Other terms from the progressive era: muckrakers exposed corruption in major businesses, suffrage the right to vote as the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, trust busting when the government activities seek to dissolve corporate trust and monopolies.

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Theodore Roosevelt

On June 23, 1906 the pure food and drug act was passed. It was passed because food companies were putting harmful materials in the food. Theodore Roosevelt came up with this because of the book called "The jungle". It was written by Upton Sinclair and was about all the conditions of the food companies. He also came up with the meat inspection act because meat was made in dirty factories where there were rats and other harmful stuff. The people bear was named after Theodore because he went hunting and the people wanted him to kill a bear so they tied one up. He didn't want to shoot it because it was cheating so he let it go. The square deal was Theodore Roosevelt's domestic formed upon three main three basic ideas. They were referred as the three C's. They aimed at helping the middle class, involved attacking a plutocracy and bad trusts while at the the same time protecting businesses. If Theodore Roosevelt had a super power it would be super speed so he doesn't have to take trains everywhere and could could get there fast.
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Carry Nation

Carry nation was a religious fanatic. She supported prohibition against alcohol. Carry started the women's Christian temperance union. She would go to bars and smash the alcoholic beverages, between 1900-1910 she was arrested 30 times for these insane acts. She would carry an axe and a bible with her. Sometimes she would attack the people selling the alcohol as well. Her super hero name would be Captain Nation and her power would be the ability to know exactly where the alcohol is.
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