Mendels' Experiments

By: Kealee Rains and Ethan Carter

What is Mendels' Experiments?

Mendel discovered that certain traits show up in offspring plants without any blending of parent characteristics. This idea was formed by many observations of pea plants (pisum sativum).
How Mendel's pea plants helped us understand genetics - Hortensia Jiménez Díaz

Seven Traits

Mendal observed seven traits that only occur in one of two forms.

  1. Flower color is purple or white
  2. Flower position is axil or terminal
  3. Stem length is long or short
  4. Seed shape is round of wrinkled
  5. Seed color is yellow or green
  6. Pod shape is inflated or constricted
  7. pod color is yellow or green

Pea Experiment

Experiment Results

After many of Mendel's observations he came to three important conclusions

  1. The inheritance of each trait is determined by "units" or "factors" (genes) that are passed on to descendents unchanged
  2. An individual inherits one such unit from each parent for each trait
  3. A trait may not show up in an individual but can still be passed on to the next generation

The 2 Principles

  1. The principle of segregation
  2. The principle of independent assortment