How to make your Wifi stronger

By: Deagan Puppe


Can I make my Wifi signal stronger.


I think that I can get a stronger signal out of the aluminum can than the tin foil or nothing.

Background Knowledge

Since the aluminum from the pop can is more dense than tin foil the aluminum will bounce the wifi signal farther.


I am going to put an opened up pop can, a piece of tin foil 7x7in, and then nothing behind my router.


So neither one was the best but actually neither was the greatest because they all had bad spots and they all have good spots. Aluminum has the fastest download speed but was second in upload speed. Tin foil had the slowest download speed but the fastest upload speed. The no reflector had the second best download speed but the worst upload speed. So by looking at the data I would say that the aluminum is the best of them all.


My hypothesis was right because the Aluminum had the fastest download speed and the second fastest upload speed.