Ethical Research Infografic

By: Chloe Morales

How Do You Know If a Website is Credible?

~if you look up the info on other sites and the info is the same then it is credible

~if you look up the info on other sites and it's not the same then it's most likely not credible

~the author of the website/book is in a professional organization (like NASA or other trusted organizations)

~ also if the URL is .org or .edu is it most likely more credible than just .com

What Are Research Sources That Are Credible?

~Ebsco Host (research):

~Mid-Continent (research):

Library Number: 20005016533163

~CIA World book(social studies):

~Morgue File (for pictures):



~the definition is taking someone else's ideas,images,or creative statements and using it as your own

~how to avoid it is to cite it using the MLA format ,paraphrasing,or summarizing the text

~consequences in school could be an F on the assignment,ISS,or suspension

~consequences in the real world are expelled form collage or even loss of job

~plagiarizing is a criminal offence and you could possibly get arrested

What is MLA citation?

~it is the citation that most schools and in most collages use

~each different type of citation is just a different order of how you put your citation info

~the main order for mla for (website) most of the projects are :Last name,First name. "Document Title." Website title.Sponcor,Publication date.Web.Date you accessed it

~or for a book you do: Last name,First name. Title.Place of publication:Publisher, 1989.Medium of publication

~if you don't cite it correctly then you are plagirizing

How To Do Citations:

How can you generate a research question that will help you find relevant information?

~Use Advanced Search to find the exact thing you want

~Main idea first then put in other details when you do advanced search

~Put in detailed search but still put main idea


~You have to cite the author after the quote!

~Put quotation marks around authors text

~If you put "" marks you can't change any of the text inside since it's direct words from the author

~You should introduce the info before you quote it like, Based on what the experts say, "Dogs are put down everyday because people don't adopt them"-smart person

~Also add a conclusion to the quote like, "Dogs are put down everyday because people don't adopt them"-smart person, so you should always look at a dog pound before going to a breeder.

~you should never have more than 50% of your paper be quotes


~paraphrasing is putting someone else's information and putting it in your own words

~you have to cite if you use mostly their info but just to be safe always cite author to avoid consequences

~explain main ideas of what you read

~write COMPLETELY in your own words if you don't you HAVE TO CITE IT!

~don't put in anything you don't understand

~when you cite put the author and page number (if you don't have the page number then put the title of the article you used)


~ putting the main idea of text in own words

~if you use no words of the author then you don't have you cite it but to be safe just do it anyway

~it's like paraphrasing but you are using completely your own words

Difference Between Summarizing,Paraphrasing, and Quoting

~the main different one is quoting because you can not change any text you put in the quote because you are directing the authors text

~for summarizing you should cite it most the time but if you don't use the authors words then you don't technically have to cite but, for quoting you MUST CITE IT

~the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing is small but it's still there,paraphrasing is putting the text in your own words like changing "49,000 trees are destroyed everyday,which means that animals go extinct everyday."Person 2 to, Many trees get cut down everyday and with those trees being cut down so does the amount of animals. For a s summarizing is taking the main idea and explaining what it was like, our old example to Too many trees and animals are killed everyday.

~Also, unlike quoting you can slim down you answer to the point t where technicality your not plagiarizing so you don't need to cite it