Christie Newsletter No. 7

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed

Important Dates

10.13 - Fire Drill

10.14 - Collaborative Planning (after school)

10.17 - Data Dialogue with Title 1 teachers

10.19 - CPR class

10.21 - Staff PD

10.23 - Google Classroom Assignment due

10.23 - Visor Decorating for Gary Burns FUN RUN! (after school in the library)

10.24 - Gary Burns Fun Run


Evidence... Evidence... he's our friend...If he can't do it no one can...

* Please share your BP4L planning sheets for math & reading via Google Docs - that way we can stay in the loop with what you guys are planning for students (TIP: make a google folder and share the folder with the ILT. Then just drop your planning sheet(s)).

* Please read. Not because you have too...but because this amazing blogger sums up WHY we teach vs WHAT we cover...truly inspiring!

Goal Gains


We are so excited to get with each individual team to discuss what your needs are for Guided Reading Books or Classroom Library Books.

We are using Booksource to place an order, so take a look:

The sooner you submit your "wish list" the sooner you will get your books for guided reading or independent reading. YAH! Thanks Mrs. Doak!


This week #christieconnects anything & everything that involves students leading learning in the classroom. (partnerships, presentations, independent learning, coding, etc.)