Digital Citizenship Project

Garrett E, P.4

7 Rules to Follow for Good Digital Citizenship

  1. Be respectful online: Not writing mean comments about people.
  2. Never share your username and password: Keep your log in information private.
  3. Only talk to people you know while social networking: stay away from strangers when using a social networking site.
  4. Keep your profile safe from strangers: deny any strangers that reach out to you.
  5. Don't cyberbully online: don't write any negative comments about anyone online.
  6. Create your own ideas: putting in the work instead of copying someone else's ideas.
  7. Don't copyright anything without permission: Don't copy if you don't have permission.

What is Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is being respectful on the web, by not telling anyone your username and password. Also never talk to anyone strangers, you should also not post any negative comments about anyone. Part in having good digital citizenship is to make you own ideas and not copy anyone else.Also part of having good digital citizenship is to not copyright anything without permission.