Must-haves for the first year


Products you need for your baby

Which baby products are essential for the first year? There are many products a baby wants but really your baby only need clothe, move, and feed your baby, as well as give him a safe place to sleep and explore.

Baby soothers, toys, and entertainment

  • Pacifiers: Is a great way to keep the baby busy,

    Bouncy seat: Also called a bouncer, these baby seats bounce up and down. Bouncers are safe for the baby to get exercised and play

    Toys: Babies get really bored quickly so toys are great sources to keep the baby entertained

    Books: Books help the baby to read and help the baby learn things

    Tip: If you need to do something or take a quick nap theses ways are helpful to keep the baby occupied.

  • sleeping

    Crib and mattress: Is padding on the bed so the baby can sleep easily.

    Bedding: Is the frame of the comforter so the baby won’t fall out.

    Wearable blankets (2 or 3): are blankets that will cover up the baby so the baby will not get cold, some blankets have their name on it when there are born. You may or may not need these, depending on the climate where you live and what season your baby's born in.

    Swaddling blankets (3): so when the baby throws up you have blankets there so the throw up will not get on you or the person who is holding the baby.

    Tip: make sure you get as much sleep as you can because having a baby is hard to fall asleep


    Safety gates: If you want your baby not to go upstairs a gate to the stairs makes sure that the baby will not go up

    Outlet covers: babies like to play with whatever they can find and if they find an outlet they might get electrocuted and baby thing might happen to the baby

    Toilet seat locks: Are a lock on the top of the seat so the baby will not hurt themselves

    Baby monitors: Are a great way to hear everything the baby is doing, like crying

    Tip: make sure everything you have is baby safety proof


    First-aid kit: Is a quick way to help your baby feel better if they hurt themselves

    Bulb syringe: Use to clear a stuffy nose

    Teething toys: Chewing items for the baby

    Digital thermometer: To see if the baby has a fever

    Baby nail scissors or clippers: So they can have short nails without hurting the baby

    A soft-bristled baby brush: So the babies can a fresh breath without hurting themselves


    usually comes in sizes like:premie ,newborn,3months,6months,9months, and 12months.For everyday wear get soft,roomy ,durable clothing that can hold up during frequent washing. Tip:some babies won't need newborn sizes so make sure you have the next size.Use a baby friendly detergent to avoid skin irritation. Recommendation: one piece -5to 7 ,shirts-5to7 ,outer layers -5


    no matter what kind of diapers you use your baby will probably go through twelve diapers a day at first. Tip:if you use a baby wipe,homemade wipes,or a warm wet wash cloth you should be prepared. Reccomendations: none

    baby gear

    when lookin for a carrier make sure all the straps and harnesses will support the baby securly also make sure that the carrier can be cleaned without alot of work Tip: find out more information about baby carriers because some have led to injuries and suffocation in babies. Reccomendations: for a stroller you need to think carefully about your specific needs. For example: storage space ,seats that can recline or if you'll be using stairs alot. Fora car seat dont geta used carseat because of the change saftey regulations so buy one up to date.

    Breastfeeding and bottlefeeding

    if you breastfeed landiointment and hot/cold gel packs can help with swollen or sore nipples and breasts they also can fit in your bra. Also it's normal for breasts to leak while nursing. Tips:disposable,reusable,or washable breast pads will keep your shirt dry. Reccomendations: burp clothes:(six to twelve )so you can get spit up and other fluids.


    Highchair: is a chair that is high so you can feed the baby

    Bowls: are round and you put food into it to feed the baby

    Baby spoons: are small spoon for baby's to eat with

    Sippy cups (3 to 5): are cups with a top so if the baby spills it, it would make a big mess

    Bibs (3 to 5): is like a napkin, it is for the baby to keep them clean from the food