The Southwest

By: Jeremy & Cameron

Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

In the Southwestern states it is really windy and dry but great for planting and harvesting crops, which makes it easier for people to survive off of their homemade crops and make money selling it in the markets. In these states it is mainly flat until you get closer to the Rocky Mountains, they are located in between both the rocky and the Great Plains they have some of both land features.

Work Together

The states are made up of many region, the broad ones are: The Northeast, Southeast, The Middle West, The South West, And The West. The regions are also related because the weather is relatively the same in that region. There is movement in Regions all the times due to people going on vacation and each state in the region "specializes" in products the others don't. If the other regions were not there they don't have any other states to relate sue to weather and products produced.