Preschool Math

Pom Pom number tracing.

In this activity, the children will be able to identify numbers by tracing them by using colorful cotton balls.This helps the children understand how certain numbers look like and how the children would trace the numbers.

This helps children before they enter kindergarten by encouraging them to know their numbers in a more colorful way instead of just repeatedly drawing them with a pencil.

Turtle Play dough roll and cover

In this activity, the children will be using dice to count the number of times the children puts a certain number of clay on to the circles of the turtle. This will teach the children to count out loud the number of dots on the dice. This helps children when they get into kindergarten by encouraging them to say out-loud numbers and to count correctly.

Clothespin Number Match

Children will be able to identify the number on the card and correctly place the corresponding number of clothes pin with the card. By doing so, the children are able to visually see the numbers and how much of each number looks like.

Umbrella Button Counting

The activity involves the using buttons to count the number of rain drops on the umbrella. By doing the children will be able to understand the concept of adding one button more to each umbrella in order to increase in numbers. This will help them get ready for kindergarten by making sure they understand how much each number is visually.

Snowman Counting Buttons

The activity is placing a number on the top of the page to show the number of buttons needed on the snowman. By doing so the children will be prepared to know the numbers by heart before they have to show it on paper or an activity.

Cut and Glue Number Sequence

Giving the children cut out numbers they will place the numbers correctly on construction paper in the correct sequence. This will help the children before they go into kindergarten by making the children be able to know how to count in the correct order.

Heart Number Sequence Puzzle

By creating an image to solve the activity uses numbers and images to help the children solve the puzzle. This helps the children get ready for kindergarten by helping the children understand what a puzzle is and make it easier for the children to solve and count.

Owl Counting Cups

Using plastic cups with numbers the children will place the number of owls that are on popsicle sticks into the correct cup. This will prepare them to count correctly and identify the what each number is on the cup.

Fish Learning Link Cards

Card numbers are shaped into fish so they can connect the fish together in the correct order. This helps the children have a fun way to count fish and hang them up when they are done.

Butterfly Dice Addition Game

The activity uses butterfly shaped cards and dice in order for the children to count the number they roll on the dice. When they count the number of dots on the dice they flip over the card of the correct number. This helps the children be prepared for kindergarten by matching the numbers correctly and counting correctly.