Kindergarten Rocks!


What we are doing next week (October 17th-21st)

Reading Workshop: During reading time we will be reading tons of books about; Gravity (Science will be integrated). We will be focusing on identifying the main topic and retelling the key details of each text.

Word Work: Our sight words: here, are, come, brown. These are our "snap" words. Our words that we read in a snap or very quickly without sounding out. We will be singing songs and playing sight words games to help us better understand our sight words. This week we will be focusing on beginning and ending sounds in words. We will be singing different songs to help identify the beginning and ending sounds.

Math: We will be focusing on counting and naming the number of objects, (Understanding and making Five), Numbers 0-5. We will be reading fun stories about understanding five, singing songs, playing with dominoes, etc to better understand making five.

Writing Workshop: This week we will be focusing on zooming in on a small idea and writing small moment stories. For example; playing on the playground and breaking it down into a small moment, such as swinging on the swings. We also will be reading a story and focusing on how the author zoomed in on one small moment.


I have placed the instructions in your child's blue folder. All I want you and your child to do is attempt to log on to my eclass page. If you have any issues please email me! We will start homework soon online and I want to make sure everyone is able to log on!

Field Trip

We will be having David Ginn the Magician visiting our school on November 16th. I will be sending home a note on Monday. Please check your child's blue folder!

We have earned 20 compliments from other teachers/staff in the school!! :)

Mrs. Lee will be providing a special treat next week! :) It will be a surprise!


We will go to Art on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be going to STEAM and Friday we will go to Math.


**Bus driver appreciation week is next week!! :)

*Please continue to return reading logs on Monday and no later than Tuesday mornings. We have not been on the announcements for 100%. Lets try to get on the announcements!! :)

* Your child has to return the envelope the next day to get another book during the week. If these books are lost or destroyed you will have to pay the school. These books are school property so please take great care of them at home.

* Continue to review recognizing letters, letter sounds and sight words. This will help your child with reading and writing throughout the school year.