Most significant God in Greek Mythology.

Thesis Statement

In Joel Skidmore's Mythweb.com Zeus is the most significant God in Greek Mythology that portrays an image that is strong and powerful but also helpful when necessary.


When Zeus was first born his father Cronus was going to swallow him. But his mother tricked Cronus by putting something the size of a baby in a baby blanket and he swallowed that thing in the baby blanket making him think Zeus was gone. Zeus then hid in a cave till he was old enough. When he was old enough Zeus overthrew his father, and became ruler of the Olympians.


For example, Zeus's father intended to swallow Zeus as he swallowed his older siblings: Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. When Zeus overthrew his father, He made Cronus vomit up his siblings.


"Zeus was the youngest son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. When he was born, his father Cronus intended to swallow him as he had all of Zeus's siblings: Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera. But Rhea hid the newborn in a cave on Mount Dicte in Crete" (Skidmore).


Zeus’s father was afraid to get overthrown that’s why he intended to swallow all his children. His mother then hid him in a cave till he was grown up. Once he was old enough he overthrew his father and became ruler of the Olympians. He had his father vomit up all of his siblings.

Concluding Statement

Although he isn’t a very faithful man in relationships, He is the most powerful and significant God in Greek Mythology. He overthrew his once powerful father named Cronus.

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