Google Cast for Education

Screen Sharing From Anyone's Device!

At the Chromebook Academy, a group of us discovered this App, but it was not available to RRISD. (Amy Timson was really interested in using this.) However, at our ITS meeting, this was presented by RRHS ITS, who piloted it at their campus. Mrs.Timson also tried it out yesterday and students were able to share their screens with her! Students were so excited to see their screens displayed up on on the projector!

It is now available for everyone, so it has already been sent to the teacher stations. To find it on your computer, from the bottom left corner of your computer,pull up search bar and look for "Cast." The App has been sent to all the Teacher stations, but you can also get it in the Chrome Store. Teachers will need to add the Google App and students will need to add the Google Extension.

Google Cast for Education is a way for every student to share what they know with all the students. Teachers can INVITE students to cast their screens wirelessly to the entire room with the click of a button. Teachers have full control of what is shared.

What is Google Cast?


Google Cast for Education is a free Chrome app that allows students and teachers to share their screens wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom, no new hardware required. (no Apple TV, no other hardware devices - just the app!) Watch the video,

Cast for Education: Teach & learn from everywhere in the classroom

One tutorial...

Google Cast for Education

Another set of instructions...

Google Cast for Education
Ready to try it? Watch either video or both videos to see how easy it is to set up your Google Cast. Remember, the App has already been available to you, so you just need to fix your settings and add your Google Classroom.

If you need help, let me know and I'd love to come try this out with you.