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Back ground

The Republic of Texas formed in 1836. The Texas Revolution continued, the papers that documented the workings of the interim government accompanied government officials as they evacuated to various towns to stay in front of the Mexican Army. After the war ended in April, Columbia became the nation's capital city, and the archives were located there. The center of government and the archives were then moved to Houston. In 1839, Mirabeau B. Lamar became President of Texas. Under his influence, the Texas Congress authorized the establishment of a planned city to serve as the seat of government President Mirabeau B. Lamar moved the archives to Austin and, the former president Sam Houston want the government to remain the population center, along the Gulf Coast.

the panic

The Austin panic because there was too much soldiers and they are surrounded by firing cannon. " we were aroused by firing of a cannon succeeded followed immediately by tramp of body of man. A dense dog obscured hid them from actual observation until they had advance, when the fog disappear all side by the bodies of soldiers and Mexican troop"
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