Car Insurance and its Risks

What Determines Your Car Insurance Rates?

Factors Affecting Your Car Insurance

There are various factors that affect your Car Insurance. Credit Reports, Driving History, Age, Gender, Marital Status,and Other Factors all are examples that could help or deter Car Insurance.

Credit Reports

If you have bad credit history, then insurance companies can use that against you to raise your insurance costs. Only a few states don't allow credit scores to affect your car insurance rates. They are California, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Maryland.
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Driving History

Car insurance rates can obviously be determined by your previous driving record. Any ticket, accident, or parking violation will always make your car insurance rates rise.

Other Factors

Car insurance is also determined by other various factors. It can be determined by annual mileage, anti-theft devices you have installed, and the deductible you're willing to pay. The most influential variables is the car insurance provider as they set the rates for everything and picking the right one can determine everything.
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