developing my baby

what is your baby going to look like

first trimester (months 1-3)

  1. As a mother carrying her baby for nine months she might be excided to see what her baby is going to look like. as she goes threw the first 1-3 months of her pregancy she will probably wake up some morning with some morning sicknes. she will have werid or normal cravings for foods that she might not normally like or have a taste for sometimes the things that she craves are not food. her blood level will increase up to 50%. and it will be soon for her to go an and get her first ultra sound. as her baby is in her stomach her baby is also developing or change just as much as she is. your baby nervous system is starting to develop and he or she is growing leggs and arms also your baby is starting to get smarter by developing the brain and spinal cord

second trimester (months 4-6)

  • as a mom in your second trimester you might run into some heart burn andyour baby is growing hair and his eyes are starting to be in the right place your baby is at this stage you baby is also starting to swollow and suck. your baby is starting to kick in jab you which may not feel good at all. at this stage your baby is also starting to taste and smell and also see. at six months your baby is going to get fat by fat i mean he or she will be double the size that they are. at the end of this trimester your baby should be 2 pounds. as a mother your feet are going to swell up and your ankle as you are pregant your hubby might be turned on while you are turned off just be awear.

third and final trimester (months 7-9)

  • i bet you are so happy its your last step until your little angle comes out you probably feel much better no more morning sickness but im sure you feel your baby every day. your baby has grew eye lashes and can hear you. she can taste great and also your baby organs grow and mature. your baby is closing and opening the eyes your baby is reacting to sidden sound. and also swollosing a pint of fliud a day. you might go into alot of stress as a mother that can affect your baby so make sure your not to stressed out. and get ready for your beautiful baby to come.

time for you to be a father

as i father you should be there for your wife or partner threw everything you should go to the hospital and appointments with her. make sure your partner is not to stressed out because it can effect your baby make you she is not taking any drugs thats not good from her or the baby.try to exrcise with her or walk with her or thing that can make you come together make sure you are there for her and give her compliment often. try to deal with her mood swings because she will have some. also make sure she is not open to any stong cleaning products because that can play a part on her pregnancy. at the end of the day just be that protecting ,loving ,helpful person that you were cut out to be.