All about Technology

The best course

Every Tuesday at 4 in Piringalla High.

Are you tired of wasting your time in front of your computer looking for resources or services, and feeling yourself unable to make the appropriate decision?

There's no need for you to worry, because the Institute of A Piringalla has announced that they’ll be starting a new course where students will be able to study how to take advantage of Internet resources.

Starting now, students interested in the course will have the opportunity of learning the most modern Computer tools and techniques and how to use them properly.

The course will be directed by the famous Professor Ricardo Veiga.

Located in Monforte de Lemos you will find an amazing place where you can improve your knowhow with the best teachers and resources.

The following video is just an appetizer...

Tics 2010-2011 IES A Pinguela
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Thanks in advance!