By: Jadyn


Did you know that you can find clouds of Ammonia on Saturn and Jupiter? Okay, do you know a lot about clouds. Well, if not I urge you to read about Cirrus Clouds, Water Inside the Cloud, Why Does it Rain, When Air is Heated, and read some cool fast facts!

Fast Fact!

Did you know that clouds get their weird names from the shape of the cloud and the height of the cloud? Well, it is true!

Why Does it Rain?

Have you ever looked up in the sky and it is gray? Well, what your looking at is a cloud and that cloud is called the Stratus Cloud. In fact, once it starts to rain that is gravity pulling the rain to the ground. So, if we didn't have gravity the rain would never come to the ground.

When Air is Heated

First of all, clouds are formed with the help of condensation and when the air is heated by the sun. In fact, if the body of the cloud is heated by the sun it will float! But, if the body of the cloud is not heated by the sun it will float by the wind.


Do you know a lot about clouds? Well I hope you do! Now I urge you to go look outside and tell me what you see!