Baby 101

Stephanie Boston

What should my baby look like?

When your baby is born there are characteristics that you see that may seem odd because the picture perfect baby on tv doesn't show it, but nothing is wrong with your baby.

You may notice your baby has a redness to there skin or may look purplish, do not worry the rednedd eventually fades and last longer on the feet and hands.

You may also notice the vertex, which is a white greasy, cheeslike substance that covers the skin of babies when they are born. This substance is helpful and actually protects the baby while in the mothers womb.

They may also have visible downy hair covering their body, and often time it's on there shoulders and neck.

How do I bond with my infant?

There are many opportunities for parents and relatives to bond with your baby. A few ways are...

1.Feeding time.

2.Singing to your baby.

3.Holding and rocking your baby.

4.Reading to your baby.

5.Having skin to skin contact.

6.When the child comes out of the womb, placing the baby on your skin.

What's an appropriate toy for infants?

An appropriate toy for your baby should follow these guidelines....

1.Durable material.

2.Rounded edges.

3.Painted with nontoxic paint.


5.Age appropriate.

6.Tightly constructed parts.

7.Cords 12 inches or less.

What are the pro's and con's of breast and bottle feeding?

There are many advantages to breast feeding or bottle feeding but there are also many cons to them both. When choosing which is for you it is a personal preference and you should not feel guilty for what you decide.

Pro's of Breast Feeding:

1.Quality time with your baby.


3.Baby gained natural immunities.

4.Sanitary if mother is clean.

Con's of Breast Feeding:

1.Not easy for on the go.

2.Jealousy from older sibilings.

3.Father can not participate.

4.Feel judged in public for feeding.

Pro's of Bottle Feeding:

1.Easy to fix and good for on the go.

2.Baby developed hand skills.

3.Anyone can feed the baby.

4.Reduces strain on the mother.

Con's of Bottle Feeding:


2.Lots of equipment to carry.

3.No natural immunities.

4.Sterilizing takes times.

When should I introduce food to my infant?

Through the your baby's first year of life you should constantly be feeding the formula or breast milk. You can begin to introduce foods as early as 2-4 weeks.

2-4 weeks: vitamin c supplements

4 weeks: fluoridated water

3 months: cereals which provide iron (soupy)

3-4 months: mashed hard cooked egg yolks

4 months: puréed fruits and vegetables

6 months: puréed meats

7 months: breads and pasta (small piece)

Later: strained and chopped adult foods.

What are characteristics of healthy infants?

Parents do not realize there is multiple characteristics that are not noticeable when your babie is healthy. a few of them are...

1.Health sleep patterns and sleeping soundly through the night.

2.Eating without coaxing.

3.Gaining steadily in height and weight.

4.Teeth being in good conditions.

While there are some characteristics that are easy to spot like...

1.Being active and alert.

2.Cheerful and interested in things going on around them.

3.Natural color in the skin.


How do I prevent my infant from SIDS?

SIDS is also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and its is the sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than one year of age. Babies at higher risk are African American, Alaska Native, and American Indian babies. Also babies who are placed on there side or stomach in a sleep setting are at higher risk.

Some ways to prevent your baby from SIDS is...

1.Have fitted sheets and a firm fitted matress.

2.Nothing should cover the babies head.

3.Do not have crib bumpers, pillows, stuffed animals, or blankets in the crib.

4.Always lay your baby on their back.

For the first two weeks of life have the babies bed by you.

5.Do not let your baby sleep with anyone.

6.Do not smoke around your baby.

7.Put in a one-piece sleeper.

8.Keep cords out of reach.

How do I buy a safe crib?

There are many ways to ensure that your child is safe and sound in there crib, some are...

1.Not placing blankets or pillows in the child's crib

2.Do not place loose bumpers around the crib

3.Make sure railing is 2 3/8 inch apart or less

4.Do not place by window

5.Matress well fitted and tight

6.No mobiles that they can reach