Rwandan Genocide

By: Avery Smith and Kristen Gillman

Background Information

Rwanda has always had ethnic tension between Tutsi and Hutu. The Tutsi's were forced into exile because of difference in power. A Hutu ended up becoming president.

Cause of Conflict

The main cause was ethnic differences. It started when the RPF (Rewandan Patriotic Front) envaded Rwanda and killing Hutu president.


It is located in Rwanda which is the middle east part of Africa. It's boarders consist of Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzanta, and Burundi.

Statistical Information

Rawanda is 10,169 sq miles with a population of 10.9 million people. The conflict lasted for 100 days with about 800,000 killed.

What has been done to resolve issue?

The RPF ended up taking over and now the Tutsi lead government.

What needs to be done?

In our opinion, we think that the UN shouldnt be there. We think that another group needs to come in and help them if this issue comes back.

Plan to address the problem

The country needs to be split into two so that each group will have there own space. Each group needs to have someone represent their group. The two people will then work out the border.