Introducing Wixie!

Prepared By Mike Glennon

What is Wixie?

Wixie is a publishing and creativity platform that lets students share what they know through their art, their voice, and their writing.

Wixie helps teachers engage students in the learning process; helps students create products to demonstrate their creativity, ideas, and mastery of the curriculum; and helps everyone share their learning with the community.

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How Can I Learn More?

There are a variety of resources available--click one below!

How Can I (and my students) Access it?

Easy! Wixie is web-based, so it is available on any of our computers. There are also Android and iOS apps.

Students can even access it at home!

The Wixie address is:
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Is it Free? Who Has Access?

Wixie is a subscription-based service that is now provided for all HCPSS students and teachers.

Can I Create Activities and Share Them with My Students?

Yes! Wixie accounts have been created for students and staff. All accounts should use the same credentials as student and staff HCPSS Active Directory accounts. Your Active Directory account is used to log in to your computer, email account and so on.

The technology office and the office of instructional technology are working in tandem to create a process by which classes can be automatically created via synchronization with Synergy. In the meanwhile, students are sorted by grade. When you create an assignment, you can simply share it with the entire grade and have your students access it. To avoid confusion for similarly-named assignments, it is advisable to include your name or some other identifier as part of the assignment title.

What if I Need Help?

Click below for some handy resources.

Wixie Training Materials

Wixie Lesson Ideas

Sharing with Wixie

Wixie YouTube Channel

*As always, you can contact me for help (link below):
Tech Help Request Form