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Monday, February 8, 2016

Moreau Heights Elementery

Moreau Heights Elementary School strives to be a collaboration of staff, parents, students, and community with a vision of academic excellence, positive climate, and an involved community.

Truth, Justice, and the Charger Way!

A note from Mrs. Pistel

Our Valentines' Day Celebration will be Thursday, February 11th at 1:45. Please send a Valentine for each classmate and feel free to bring a decorated box for collection of Valentines. Thank you in advance for sending in items or volunteering to help out with the day's event. I appreciate your support!

Student Led Conferences will be held on tonight, February 8th. This is a great opportunity to see all of the learning and growth going on in our classroom!

This month's character trait is honesty. Students are learning and hearing about this in class meetings, during Counselor Sessions, and each day during morning announcements. Please talk with your child about being honest even when it is hard.

Academic Goals

Reading Targets

  • I can identify the main idea and supporting details in a nonfiction text.
  • I can write a quality nonfiction summary!
  • I can identify the structure of a nonfiction text.(problem/solution, cause/effect, question/answer, description, compare/constrast, and sequence/time order).
  • I can read nonfiction texts to ask and answer questions.

Writing Targets

  • I can explore nonfiction texts to determine their structure and characteristics to guide my writing!
  • I can generate a list of questions to guide my research!
  • I can take notes from a resource, document the source and paraphrase the information collected.

Math Targets

  • I can recall with automaticity my basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
  • I can choose the appropriate unit of measure to calculate the volume of various rectangular prisms.
  • I can solve the volume of real-world rectangular prisms.
  • I can convert between various units of linear measure. (mm, cm, m, km and inches, feet, yards).

Word Study Targets

  • I can use and spell correctly high frequency words.
  • I can accurately proofread and locate the correctly spelled words in a passage.

No new unit this week! We will work on our Words to Learn list!

Science/Social Studies Targets

  • I can classify an animal as a vertebrate or invertebrate.
  • I can identify an animal as a bird, fish, mammal, reptile, or amphibian.
  • I can identify both behavioral and structural adaptations of animals.
  • I can identify the causes for animal endangerment or extinction.

  • I can correctly label a United States Map, labeling all 50 states.(a goal for the entire year)
  • I can identify the capitals of the West and Mountain states.
  • I can read a map and understand how to use it answer questions about location.
  • I can identify important European Explorers and their accomplishments and contributions to American Exploration.
  • I can identify the famous Lost Colony of Roanoke and its historical value to colonization.
  • I can identify the major historical facts of the Jamestown and Plymouth Colonies.

Specials Schedule


Tuesday: Art on the 16th as well!

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: No School

Monday: No School

Data Binder

Items added to your student's Data Binder:

  • Spelling, Units 11 Assessment
  • Various Reading assignments.

Please look at the data binder each week. This section of the newsletter will identify what has been added to the binder for the week.

Special Activities and Celebrations

Mark your calendar!

  • Student Led Conferences tonight, the 8th of February!
  • Party, Thursday the 11th, 1:45.
  • No School, Friday and Monday, the 12th and 15th.
  • Fine Arts Recruitment Day, Tuesday, February 16th. Please send slip back ASAP!

Nightly Routine

Please make sure you see your child's Nightly Folder and Agenda(Planner). I ask all students to read 20 minutes per night, and have their Reading Log and Agenda signed as well. Each morning, I check these items, and they earn team points and Charger Cash for exhibiting responsible behavior.

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