Paul Revere's Ride

By: Breanna Busby

poetry terms

1. Metaphor- "A phantom ship, with each mast and spar" (Longfellow629)

2. Simile- " Across the moon like a prison bar"(Longfellow629)

3. Alliteration- "And a huge black hulk, that was magnified"(Longfellow629)

Historical poem

Midnight Ride

By Olivia H., Portland, OR

An Ox and Cart you shall drive,
Back to the time of ’75,

And the midnight ride of Prescott, Dawes and Revere
Is a story you shall see and hear.

On the night of April 18,
Dawes and Revere were very keen.

As two lanterns hung upon the North Church Steeple,
Dawes and Revere set off to Lexington to warn all the people.

To warn all the country side, Revere had to shout,
From Medford to Lexington, “The Regulars are Coming Out!”

What Dawes yelled along his route was unknown,
But we do know both riders traveled their route alone.

Dawes and Revere met in Lexington and ran into Prescott,
Who helped them for hours and hours before the first bullet was shot.

With that much said, the Revolution started,
And the violence that occurred was very cold-hearted.