The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

by katie alender

This book is about a girl named delia who travels with her family to her aunts old home before she committed suicide. Delia inherited the house that was more like a mansion in her opinion. As soon as she arrives she knows something is strange about the house. As she explores the house she soon discovers it used to be a insane asylum for troubled women. She also encounters many strange occurrences. When she tells her parents shes going to leave her parents lock her into her room so she wont run away. While locked inside the room she is overcome by black smoke that causes her to wake up dead. She now must roam the house unable to leave the only thing to do is uncover the mysteries of this asylum or spend eternity surrounded by other dead women for eternity.


I give this book 3/5 stars because it had great plot twists, a shocking ending, and a very good story. I do think it could have been a bit longer I felt the ending was slightly rushed but I am not disappointed. I would recommend this to someone that enjoys when books get into the climax quickly and likes some sitting on the edge of your seat occurrences.