Kindy Term 2 Newsletter

Another Busy Term

Student Teacher

During Term 2 Sandra Cooke will be joining us at the centre. Sandra is in her fourth year and is completing her final prac at Edith Cowan University. She will be supporting the program under my direction throughout the term.


During this term the literacy program will revise the initial sounds covered during term one i.e. s, a, t, p, i, n, c, and k. We will then continue to focus on a sound each week and will introduce the following sounds ;e, h, r, m, d, g, o, u, l and f as well as consolidating concepts of print and other phonological skills such as long and short words, syllables, rhyme and alliteration skills e.g. Sally sells sea shells.


The Numeracy program will continue to consolidate the process of counting and the counting principles initially to 10 and then beyond. We will also explore patterns in everyday life and numbers. In addition to this we will be introducing the children to addition and sharing through modelling and practical situations relevant to them. Numeracy activities will use concrete materials and relevant experiences to ensure learning is engaging and meaningful to the students.


In the first few weeks of term two I will be assessing the children’s knowledge and understanding of literacy using an assessment tool known as the ‘Kindergarten Assessment Tool’ which assesses a variety of literacy skills specifically related to kindergarten children. Specific subtest assessed this term will include: Comprehension, Location Relationships, Concepts of Print, Semantics (vocabulary) and Narrative (Oral Retell). Information attained from this assessment will help identify students who may require a speech therapy referral and assist in providing information on student’s progress for semester one reports which will be sent home at the conclusion of term two. In addition to a formal report your child will also be taking home a portfolio of work providing examples of leaning experiences the children have been involved in. throughout the semester. The portfolios will need to be returned after the school holidays as we will continue to add samples throughout the year.


During winter time we tend to have children wearing and removing jumpers. Please ensure they are all labelled as well as their other belongings such as water bottles, hats etc.

Mobile Hospital Group Visit

On the 9th May the students will be visited by the Mobile Hospital Group. This incursion is aimed at making hospital visits a little less daunting for children. They will be familiarised with medical equipment and given the opportunity to role play using the resources provided. The resources will then left at the school for a number of weeks to allow the children to continue to role play.

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farmyard on Wheels Visit

A Farmyard on Wheels will be visiting the school on Tuesday 14th June from at 1 pm. Farmer Mick will be presenting an hour long entertaining show and informative talk about each of the farm animals. All the children will have the opportunity to feed the lambs, kids and piglet a bottle of milk. The children will also nurse the chicks and ducklings. The entire farm family consists of a miniature horse, lambs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, a cattle dog a goose and a piglet.

Kindy Assembly

The kindy children will also be hosting the school assembly on Assembly Wednesday 22th June at 9am. Please keep this date free at least until 9.30am so you can attend. Extended family members and friends are also welcome to watch.

Regards Liz Petrou