Abigail Adams

By: Chloe Kiser


Who really is Abigail Adams? Unfortunately, we don't learn much about her in U.S. history, but she is still plenty important. Even though life was rough as a child it didn't stop her from doing what she loved! Also, she got to live during the Revolutionary War and marry her love, John Adams. Later, she got to live in the White House and she was the first women to both be wife and mother of a president. There is still a lot more to learn about her too!

Early Life

Life wasn't peaches and cream for Abigail as a child, but, she still did what she loved! Abigail Smith ( this was her birth name) had a harder childhood. Low health led her to be inactive. But she still did what she loved. Abigail read many books from her father's library, and wrote letters to her friends and family. This made Abigail very bright and curious as a child. She did not receive formal education, instead she learned to cook and clean. Her family included her father who was a community leader and minister. Her mother was a house maker. Abigail also had 3 siblings. Soon enough she would marry the love of her life, and have 5 children.


Abigail had a wonderful family with her husband John. Abigail married the love of her life John Adams in 1764. Even though he was unattractive, she still enjoyed his presence. They had long meaningful conversations often. Abigail and John had 5 children. Abigail ( Nabby), Thomas, Charles, John Quincy, and Susanna who died before reaching the age of 2. Abigail wrote many letters to her husband John while he was away due to the Revolutionary War going on. After 5 years of missing John, she and her children met him in France where they would live for a little while. While John was away dealing with the Revolutionary War, Abigail dealt with wartime shortages, and sickness. The worst had been over, a happy future was due to come for Abigail.

Later Life

In her later years Abigail did many things that made her the Abigail Adams we know today. In her later years, her husband John Adams was elected president. This meant Abigail was First Lady, and the first, First Lady to live in the White House. Abigail was also a humongous Women's Rights activist. She believed every woman was equal to every man. Abigail is remembered for her letters back and forth with her husband. Sadly Abigail died October 28, 1818 in her home. A few years later her grandson decided to publish a whole book of her letters. In her later years we probably learned the most about Abigail, and Abigail's personality.


In conclusion, Abigail had many happy years before her death in 1818. She read and write letters often as a child which is what she loved. Abigail married her love, John Adams. Finally, she lived many years after the Revolutionary War. I hope you now know more about Abigail Adams after reading my article.

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Extra Information


- Revolutionary War: When America declared its independence from Britain, Britain then, declared war.

- President: The commander and chief of the United States. There is usually a new president elected every 4-8 years.

-Conversation: a discussion between 2 or more people.

- House Maker: a person especially a housewife, who manages a home.

- Minister: a member of the clergy, especially in Protestant churches.



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