Student Led Conference

To Mommy; from her baby

My Claim

I claim that I have grown as a learner in STEM this year. In this conference I shall prove this claim right. I will show you proof of this and teach you some things I learned.

What I Will Talk About

I will talk about all the things I have learned this STEM year. As I said before I will show you some of my work. I may also later (at home) show you some games we played during "recess".

My Strengths

Some of my academic strengths that I fully know of are my math skills, reading skills, and my technology skills. Some of my social strengths that I fully know of are making of friends skills and my working in a group skills.

My Weaknesses

Some of my academic weaknesses that I fully know of are my vocabulary skills, my science skills, and my engineering skills. One of my social weaknesses that I fully know about is talking in front of audiences.

Thank You

Now I would just like to thank you for coming to listen to me talk about STEM. Thank you for taking time out of your way to come here. THANKS!