In the desert I look around my environment all there is, is hot emptiness.And no hope of survival.The only thing I could hear where the sounds of a storm and sounds of various snakes,but all my worries are gone, I have a chance!


Monday, Sep. 16th 2013 at 9pm to Monday, Sep. 16th 2069 at 3am

Sahara Desert, Tabalbala, Diffa, Chad

As I approach my chance for survival I see a person... FLYING with no legs and no wings. Is it a sign? It has a tail and it's blue. What is it ? "ITS A GENIE!!!" I yelled. The genie teleports to me. I'm to shocked to do anything then the magical genie asks me "WHAT ARE YOUR THREE WISHES?" I say "Umm,umm my three wishes are that I want a billion dollars, along with becoming the world's richest man. I want my family to become succesful. My last wish is that I want to get out of this place and live in the best house aswell.

Three Wishes

So in the end the three wishes were granted. I was in the best house, my parents were succesful so was I, I was also the richest man in the world and I got out of the Sahara Desert. The Genie also gave me an extra wish and that wish was to get out of the Sahara Desert.