Kauri Park School

Options 2013

What we did

For four Friday mornings in Term Three, we chose an activity to experience. Some were things we had done before and enjoyed, some were activities that we had not tried in the past. It was a great time to learn new skills and help others to do likewise.

Board games

It was fun to play board games in the library. We played party games too, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs. The photo was taken by Cameron Gray.

Scrap Booking

Isabelle showed us what she made in the Scrap booking class. The photographer was Abby Lees.

Cake Decorating

Some wonderful creations were made in the cake decorating class. Photograph by Emily Nimmo.

Movie Making

This photo, taken by Tyler Freestone, shows Kaley and Shanai working on their movie.