Geography and Globalzation

By: Julia Farnum

Six Word Story

Many things come from many places.


Lots of products that we use everyday are made in different regions of the world like China and France. To make the things we use everyday, regions use their natural resources. They also can have materials brought in from other countries. Because of globalization, we are able to get these products.

What Is Globalization?

Globalization is the movement of ideas and products throughout the world that helps meet the needs and the wants of the people through the environment, technology, culture, and economy.

Analyze Unit 1 Statement

Many people live where they do because of globalization and the geography. Some people choose to live near the mountains because of the fresh air it provides. Many people live in the southern part of the country because it's warm all the time. Globalization impacts how people live because the culture of where they live influences them. The economy of a place is also something people look at when choosing a place to live, you wouldn't want to live in an area where the economy isn't doing too well. Globalization and geography impacts many aspects of peoples' lives.

Pros and Cons Of Globalization

Technology- Pro: helps us communicate and share ideas; makes daily tasks easier

Con: it's using natural resources from the environment; impacting people's social skills negatively

Economic- Pro: provides a way for trade; lower prices for consumers; more jobs

Con: creates greed

Culture- Pro: allows diversity

Con: war; stereotypes

Environment- Pro: provides natural resources

Con: creates disease

My Product

For my product, I choose a Kawai piano. Kawai pianos are made in Hamamatsu, Japan. Kawai Musical Instruments was founded in 1927 by a man named Koichi Kawai.They are best known for their grand pianos, upright pianos, and electric keyboards.


Natural Resources


Kawai pianos are hand made an hand tuned in Hamamatsu, Japan. Kawai Musical Instruments employ about 2,900 people.To make a piano, many materials have to be brought in such as iron, sand, and wood.


Cultural Problem

Problem- By cutting down the trees for the pianos, it doesn't just affect the animals, it also impacts the people too. People that live in the area where the trees are being cut down loose a part of their food source and they have to change the way they live.

Economic Problem

Problem- An economic problem is that the pianos cost so much. The cheapest Kawai piano starts at about $5,000. This may be a problem for some people because even though they love playing the piano, they don't have the money to get an actual piano.

Environmental Problem

Problem- A lot of wood goes into making just one piano. There are also many different types of wood that are used. Maple wood is used to make the rim, spruce wood is used to make the braces, and mahogany and cherry is used for everything else. Also, to get the wood to the factory, it takes natural resources like oil and coal to run the transportation vehicles. Using all these natural resources is a problem for the environment.

Technology Problem

Problem- A problem is that it takes a very long time to make a piano because there isn't machinery that can put the piano together, so it has to be hand made. There also isn't a machine that tunes the piano, so it has to be tuned by hand too.


A solution to the environmental problem would be to use a different type of material that still has the same sound and affect of wood. Instead of using wood to make the pianos, they could try to make a type of plastic that is similar to wood. They could also replant a tree for every tree that is cut down so that way they would be doing the environment a favor.

How Globalization Relates To Me

Positive- Globalization allows me to get the things I need and want. Everyday, I use my phone which was made in China and I always wear clothes and those are from various places around the world. Globalization has also shown me different ideas in various subjects like science and math that other people in other countries have created. New and more advanced technology also makes learning at school easier and more interactive. Globalization has also made my daily life easier. Because of advancement in technology, I am able to be woken up by my alarm clock every morning and go downstairs and make just one cup of tea. Globalization impacts in many positive ways.

Although globalization has impacted my life in a positive way, it has also impacted my life in a negative too. Globalization has impacted my life in a negative way because the technology that has been created lets me talk to people without me being there, which is bad for my social skills. Because of globalization, I have been exposed to the idea you need money to be happy and get the things you want and that has made me lightly greedy.

How Globalization relates to me 6 word story

I can get what I want.