Jack Layton

Fomer NDP Party Leader, Husband, Cancer patient

The man who bled authenticity

Jack Layton born on July, 18, 1980 was an eccentric man with aspiring hopes on making a change for the better of Toronto. some accomplishments of jack Layton are as follows:

The greening of Toronto, brings light to numerous issues facing Canada's municipalities. And also he has published a book on the homelessness crisis in Canadian cities. So Why does it all matter and what traits did he have in order to accomplish it? according to Nelson Mandela's leadership traits a good leader can be distinguished by 8 specific traits, however jack Layton possess 3 very distinctive Leadership traits that are shown below.

He knows how to lead from the front however he won't leave his base behind

Jack Layton during his time as the NDP leader, had one goal, the goal of having a greener community making Toronto a more ecological city and doing so, may other cities would follow Toronto's footsteps. Jack Layton thinks not just about what will happen now and the sustainability of today but also for tomorrow and even further about a few decades, having only in mind when his plan can start and if it can start sooner.

Know your enemy- find out about his favourite sport

Jack Layton as a young leader was also a philanthropist at heart, making it easier for him to connect with a person who needs help and does almost everything he can for a general consensus. In addition Jack tries to understand his opposition and understands the things they can bring to the table and use it to help both him and his opposition.

Appearance matters- remember to smile

Whenever Mr. Layton is going off or on the record he never forgets to smile since he knows for sure that whatever he's doing is for only the good of the people and wanted to express a message that he will never give up and frown. Jack also taught everyone else that its better to smile even you are wrong since we are only human.

Final Words

As you can see over the time he has been the leader of the NDP party, he never just thinks about what will happen today but also for the next generation of Canadian citizens. he also studied his opponent and found out as much as possibly he can making him a hard opponent. Jack also taught us that to create a stronger following and grab attention is to smile and create a comforting vibe if anyone was to vote for him.


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