Education and Community Officer

By - Makenzie O.

Job Description

You would spend most of your time at Materials Recycling Facility (MFR) and at landfill sites in various locations. Also, you would give tours of the facility and talk to groups such as schools and university's. Other then that, other things you get to do are organize and host events for groups, doing press releases, and opening sites. In a normal day, you would prepare for the next tour by organizing everything for about one hour in the morning, and spend time with the group your touring for about two hours. In those two hours you would answer questions and just show them around. Next, the rest of the day is yours to schedule the next tours, working on education projects, making press releases, and making signs for the sites. Anything else that needs to be done may also be required of you to do.

Environmental Relationship Between Environment and Job

The major relationship with this job and the environment is that you would work at landfills and recycling companies so you would make it aware to people the issues they face with waste and how it effects the world. Also, just the fact that you work at a recycling company or landfill means that you are involved with it and know the benefits that those companies show towards the world. Without landfills our world would be completely polluted and without the recycling the world would be filled with toxic gases. Having this job just makes people know all of the effects and makes them more aware of what could happen and just sharing how the world deals with waste.

Education Necessary to Successfully do the job

The education that's required to do this job successfully is having 10 General Certificates of Secondary Education which is the basic level of a subject taken in school and having A's or A* in that. Also, having three A-Level classes taken and a Bachelors degree in science geography.

advantages of the job

Some of the advantages to this job is that if you really like working with kids or even older groups of people, you get to teach them about what you know by just making them aware, and you basically get to do that everyday. You need to be a patient and well educated person to do that though. Also, if there are people that your touring that don't really recycle ever, it can teach them about it and maybe get them to want to start recycling more.

disadvantages of the job

Some disadvantages to this job is if your teaching people that are ages 5-12 you cant teach a group that's ages 30-50 because they won't all understand it the same. So, you would have to be more creative and come up with ways to explain it to groups so that they will all understand properly, and sometimes that can be hard. Another disadvantage is that if you are expected to drive somewhere to educate, the travel time can be really long.


The median salary you will get for having this job a year is about $48,880

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about this job is that you get to educate people from ages as diverse as 6 month old babies to people 95 years old. Also, this job has only been around for approximately 2½ to 3 years. Lastly, to be able to excel in this job, its important be be able to remember facts really well.