To Infinity And Beyond

Space Today Infinity Tommorow


Departure 18/06/5061 Arrival 20/06/5061

4:30- Departure into space

5:00- Look back onto earth and admire the varsity!

6:00- Arrival at the out side of the milky way galaxy!

7:00-10:00- Slow space tour around the galaxy and enjoy and milky way bar!

10:00- Return to space shuttle and begin flying to asteroid belt.

11:30- Arrive at the north point of the asteroid belt.

11:30- 2:00 Brief tour around asteroid belt commencing south east branch of asteroid belt.

2:05- Collect a rock sample and begin over night journey to the red planet.


8:00- Wake up and breakfast

9:00 tour begins full flight around mars and enjoy free mars bars courtesy of Infinity and beyond space tours.

5:00- Arrival back at base and supper.


8:00- wake up and breakfast

9:00- Space jumping

10:00- Start departure back to earth

11:00- Arrival at infinity and beyond space tours base camp.


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