Farmers/ Farmers Life

by:Alexis Bartosek


Farmers life was very difficult during the colonial times.In colonial days farmers had lots of plantations. Farmers and people would plant and share crops.Farmers didn't have a lot of money so farmers had to rent a farm.Even though the colonial days as hard for farmers they made it till this day.


Farmers didn't have it easy back then because they needed plantations.In colonial days farmers plantations would have crops.A large farm operations usually would grow single crops.Also, most crops grown on a plantation were cocoa,coffee,rubber,sugar cane,banannas,pineapples,and a lot more of tropical fruit.Did you know plantations would be with tropical and subtropical regions of the world.Then in many areas plantations breakups caused former workers to aquire shares of the land.Most plantations were with rich soils.Rich soils will help crops become good growers.Also,healthy to eat and crops would work great for the animals and for farmer or regular family like fruits or vegetables.That is what a plantation has and does on it but mostly crops.

Rent A Farm

Sometimes farmers did not have enough money to buy their own farm so they would just rent a farm.Also farmers who rented land would share with the landlord who owns the land.Then two basic types of facts used in tenants are leases 2.share leases those are the two leases that the tenants can choose from.For a share lease one thing is that the landlord and the tenants will agree to share crops and cost of producing it. Example:50-50 is like a share lease you share with the landlord.Tenants would share crops with the landlord because its fair share payment half for crops to feed the landlord and his family.Tenants sometimes didn't have enough money so they would rent a farm from someone else.


In colonial times they had no tractors or any thing like we do so there crops were more fresh.Farmers would only grow their crops hand grown and help to feed people and animals.Crops grown to feed people are called food crops.Crops eaten by animals are called feed crops like grass,vegetables or fruits so the animals will stay healthy.Also,crops that are called fiber crops they produce fiber for clothing and lots of other products made from fiber. Did you know that some crops are used to decorate or ornament other peoples houses.Then there is about food and what they include and they include vegetables,fruits and also grain then there is decorations they include flowers,lawn clipings,shrubs,and decorative trees.The crops help lots for food and decorations also animals.


These were the facts about farm and farm life.Farmers would have plantations for plants.Farmers would need help so they had to use rakes and shovels.Tenants would have to pay landlords with crops.Farmers now days have it easier then farmers in colonial days farmers only made a little money back then .


Landlords:are people who own the land and someone else is paying for.
Producing:is something lowering like price.
Tenants:are the farmers who are renting the land.


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