Operation Restore Hope

By: Tyler Jarvis and Mike Jager

Who Was Involved?

President Bush had the idea of sending troops into Somalia. The UN was a large part of who was involved. President Clinton wanted to lessen the presence of the US in Somalia.

What Happened?

The US sent forces to Somalia, and the UN stopped a large war tribe's leader, Aidid, and his followers.

Aidid (Below)

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When and Where?

This operation started in 1992 when Operation Provide Relief sent in humanitarian relief for the people of Somalia.


A Somalian military ran by Aidid started intercepting the humanitarian relief provided by Operation Provide Relief. UN forces began to send in troops to help assure that the packages were being delivered and to protect the civilians.


Operation Restore Hope began because of Somalian tribes hijacking relief items meant for civilians and to restore and secure trade routes within Somalia. Troops remained to promote an idea called "Nation Building" which was meant to restore order.
United Nations Operation in Somalia - Operation Restore Hope 1993 | Clip 1